Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jacory Harris, less time on twitter and more on being a better QB

Yes some of those INTs were not his fault but overall he sucked and has not progressed to be being an elite QB in College as a University of Miami QB better be at this point. Randy Shannon is officially on the clock, BCS bowl or fired.

Obama supported the rights of terrorists but not those of Terry Jones burning the Quran.

Jones said he has made his point and Via Charles Lane he points out how Obama did a piss poor job of defending America while going after Jones.
President Obama was certainly right to be disgusted by "Reverend" Terry Jones's threat to stage a public burning of the Koran, a plan that was mean, stupid, intolerant, and spookily evocative of Hitlerian book bonfires. But I am also troubled by Obama's efforts to hector Jones into changing his mind. Everyone should worry when presidents invoke wartime security, or similar arguments, against constitutionally protected free speech, even -- or especially -- when the speech is offensive, outrageous and unpopular.

Strictly speaking, there was nothing unconstitutional about Obama's campaign, abetted by an all-star cast of national security officials, to get Jones to back off. Presidents have free speech, too. But when was the last time an American citizen got a phone call from the Secretary of Defense urging him to call off a political demonstration? Invoking his status as commander-in-chief, Obama accused Jones of, in effect, abetting America's enemies: "This kind of behavior or threats of action put our young men and women in harm's way. And it's also the best imaginable recruiting tool for al-Qaeda."

This was pretty heavy-handed use of the bully pulpit. The president seemed oblivious to the contradiction between his pressure on Jones and his view, repeated at Friday's press conference, that the U.S. must strictly follow the Constitution when prosecuting terrorism suspects -- lest the terrorists win by getting us to curtail liberty. "We can't be frightened by a handful of people who are trying to do us harm," he said. Yet to the extent Obama opposed Jones's exercise of free speech -- including mere "threats of action" -- because it might trigger a violent reaction, he was expressing, and yielding to, fear of those very "people."

Obama should have condemned what Jones wanted to do, but defended unequivocally his right to do it.

South Africa bans burning Bibles, Qurans, other holy books

Which means we get some moron activist who has no clue how America cherishes freedom of expression and speech demanding some activist judge do the same here.
A South African court on Friday blocked a Muslim activist’s planned "Bible burning day," meant as a response to the now-cancelled Quran burning in Florida

Several Muslims in Johannesburg, where the event was set to take place, launched an 11th hour interdict in the High Court to stop Mohammed Vawda from setting a Bible bonfire on Sept. 11. They argued that such an event would be divisive and an insult to all religions.

After a 40-minute hearing in the South Gauteng High Court, Judge Sita Kolbe agreed and banned the event. The ruling also amounts to a ban in South Africa on the burning of any Bibles and other religious books.

Lawyer Yasmin Omar, who represented an Islamic intellectual organization called Scholars of the Truth, spearheaded the legal bid with her husband, Zehir.

They called Mr. Vawda's plans "appalling."

After the verdict Mr. Omar said, "I’m very pleased the judge came to this decision. Not only did he ban this protest but he also banned other people from burning the Bible.

"Judge Kolbe ruled that freedom of expression is not unlimited if one exercises freedom of expression that is harmful to others.... We now hope American judges will see this decision and act accordingly by banning the burning of the Quran in America,” he said.

Note to CNN. Yes, Muslims have burned Bibles in the Middle East.

CNN with the typical Pro-Muslim piece that you see in the MSM to drive the narrative of evil Christians attacking Muslims with this fairly ridiculous notion.
The Quran teaches Muslims to respect the sacred books of Christians and Jews as well, says Chris van Gorder, a religion professor at Baylor University in Texas.

“To burn a holy Quran for a Muslim is to throw down a gauntlet,” he says. “Those who deface any holy book, including the Bible, in many Muslim countries today, will be executed.

“How many Bibles have been burned in the Muslim world in the last nine years? None.”


“A barbaric act” is how Fr Manuel Musallam, parish priest in Gaza, described the ransacking and looting of the Convent of the Sisters of the Rosary. Furniture, chairs, doors were destroyed; the chapel was violated and the holy images and sacred books were burnt.

The only Catholic priest in the Gaza Strip, the 69-year-old Father Manuel is in charge of the Holy Family Church in Gaza. Speaking to AsiaNews, the voice of a muezzin could be heard in the background calling the faithful to midday prayer. “The people who did this barbaric act are trying to get us Christians involved in the struggle between Hamas and Fatah, but we are not scared of them.”

The convent was looted last Thursday as the two major Palestinian factions were going at each other. The building itself is were close to a major security headquarters in Gaza City, now occupied by Hamas.

“A group of unknown people attacked, burnt and looted the nuns’ building. They destroyed everything inside and stole the computers,” Father Manuel said. “They then invade the chapel, broke the furniture, burnt the sacred images and holy books. They threw the Sacred Species to the ground and destroyed everything on their path: beds, chairs, tables, curtains, shooting at the walls and setting them on fire. We don’t know who the thugs were because they came at night when the sisters were not present.”

Father Manuel is reluctant to talk about persecution. Instead, he said that “our relations with the Muslims are not only good, they are excellent. I don’t think what happened came from a direct order from Hamas or Fatah. In the past when the Church had difficulties, they came to our defence—for example, when there were demonstrations against the Muhammad cartoons or after the Pope’s speech in Regensburg.”

Sebelius tells insurance companies to shut the hell up about Obamacare.

Thuggery from the government over private businesses who dare to speak out over Obamacare's increased costs.
President Barack Obama's top health official on Thursday warned the insurance industry that the administration won't tolerate blaming premium hikes on the new health overhaul law.

"There will be zero tolerance for this type of misinformation and unjustified rate increases," Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said in a letter to the insurance lobby.

"Simply stated, we will not stand idly by as insurers blame their premium hikes and increased profits on the requirement that they provide consumers with basic protections," Sebelius said. She warned that bad actors may be excluded from new health insurance markets that will open in 2014 under the law. They'd lose out on a big pool of customers, as many as 30 million people nationwide.

The letter to America's Health Insurance Plans was the latest volley in a war of words over who gets the blame for rising premiums. Polls show that many people expect their costs to go up as a result of the law, but there's also widespread mistrust of the insurance industry.

An HHS official said the letter is a pre-emptive move, after the department learned that several smaller carriers around the country are blaming the new law for rate increases this year.

AP: Obama's tone shifts on health care

Translation: He is full of it.
President Barack Obama told voters repeatedly during the health care debate that the overhaul legislation would bring down fast-rising health care costs and save them money. Now, he's hemming and hawing on that.

So far, the law he signed earlier this year hasn't had the desired effect. An analysis from Medicare's Office of the Actuary this week said that the nation's health care tab will go up - not down - through 2019 as a result of Obama's sweeping law, though the increase is modest.

Obama offered some caveats when asked in his news conference Friday about the apparent discrepancy between what he promised and what's actually happening so far. On several other topics, too, his rhetoric fell short of a full accounting.

Another CBC member caught giving out Scholarships to family.

House cleaning time for the CBC, kick them out as punishment because this cannot be tolerated.

South Georgia Congressman Sanford Bishop (D-2nd District) says he will repay scholarship money that went to family members, but only after he blamed the scandal on his Republican opponent even before that challenger had said anything about it.

Rep. Bishop is the second member of the Congressional Black Caucus exposed for funneling scholarships from the CBC Foundation to relatives.

Last month Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas) agreed to repay $31,000 in CBC Foundation scholarships that went to 23 relatives and children of a top staffer.

She claimed she didn't know that the foundation's rules prohibited nepotism.

After revelations about Rep. Johnson's family scholarships, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation announced an audit and condemned the practice.

Dumb As Muslims in Dearborn burn effigies of Terry Jones and Osama Bin Laden.

This could be one of these dumbest response to the Quran burning saga yet.
Chanting "burn, baby, burn,” a group of Muslims in Dearborn lit ablaze tonight effigies of Pastor Terry Jones of Florida and Osama bin Laden in a protest against religious extremism.

Led by Dearborn attorney Majed Moughni, the group burned a pair of dolls holding hands that were dressed up to represent Jones, the Florida pastor who has plans to burn Qurans, and of Osama bin Laden, the terrorist behind the Sept. 11 attacks.

“They both represent the murder, killing, and war against America,” Moughni said before the blaze was lit with a Bic lighter.

Moughni told the Free Press he wanted to burn both of them on the lawn at his home on the eve of the Sept. 11 anniversary because he said both represent religious extremists who should "burn in hell."

"We're watching as the holiest book in Islam is under attack," Moughni said. "This is to show we're against what pastor Jones is doing. We're not going to be quiet. We're going to speak up."

"We're also protesting Osama bin Laden, the man who is the cause of all of this,” Moughni added. “He doesn't represent Islam. He represents terrorists, just as Terry Jones does. They're both contributing to attacks on the U.S."

Comparing Osama and Jones is a slap in the face to America. One is a fringe priest the other is the world's biggest terrorist. The burning of effigies I see in some backward country with backward culture and norms, not in America.

Angela Merkel's Stand for Freedom and makes Obama look like a tool.

WSJ editorial points out how strong Merkel was in honoring the Mohammed cartoonist.

The organizers of the M100 Media Award in Potsdam near Berlin honored Mr. Westergaard for his defense of press freedom in the face of threats of death and violence. The Chancellor agreed. With her speech and photographed handshake with the cartoonist, Mrs. Merkel did not endorse Mr. Westergaard's work but upheld his right to publish it.

"It is irrelevant whether we find his caricatures tasteless or not, whether we think they are necessary or helpful, or not," the Chancellor said. "Is he allowed to do that? Yes, he is."

Remembering her own life under communism in East Germany and how the Berlin Wall fell only 21 years ago, Mrs. Merkel urged Germans to "never forget how precious freedom is."

Freedom always means freedom for your fellow man, and therefore requires tolerance of those with whom you disagree, the chancellor explained. But tolerance cannot be arbitrary, she added, for "tolerance is its own grave digger if it doesn't protect itself against intolerance."

Mrs. Merkel deserves congratulations for her stand. It's a sad state of affairs, though, where the self-evident defense of Western values in Europe has become both controversial and necessary.

Name one time in this whole Quran burning fiasco has Obama or any other official has put forth the same argument in putting down the moron who wants to burn Qurans and defending our way of life when it comes to freedom of speech and expression.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Outrageous BS: Ground Zero Iman says build Mosque or Muslims will get violent.

This is such a transparent ploy which shows the true character of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. Build my center or the reaction will be violence is not an observation but a outright threat that has been used by other "moderates" to bully people into getting their way. He knows damn well what he is doing when he says this and look for other Muslim leaders around the country to start using this dog whistle statement on other projects.

The religious leader behind plans to build an Islamic center and mosque a few blocks from New York's ground zero said Wednesday night that America's national security depends on how it handles the controversy.

"If we move from that location, the story will be the radicals have taken over the discourse," Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf told CNN's Soledad O'Brien on "Larry King Live."
"The headlines in the Muslim world will be that Islam is under attack."

But some critics decried his assessment.

"The whole national security thing: that's a veiled threat," Andy Sullivan, a union construction worker who wants all New York construction workers to boycott the proposed Islamic center, said on CNN's "AC 360" Wednesday night. "He's saying 'you make me move' and, guess what, the whole radical Muslim world is coming after us."
"This is a turf war," Sullivan said.

AP refuses to cover Quran burning, ran to take pictures of burned Bibles.

Associated Press does this from fear of Muslims than out of respect.

Obama and the World bowing to Muslim demands to stop Terry Jones out of fear, not respect.

If Jones was trying to make the point about the dangers of some who follow Islam, he has already made his point. The rest of the world especially in the west has shown a craven amount of cowardice in not just condemning Jones for burning a holy book but proving that people who follow Islam are prone to violent behavior if "insulted."

This only makes the image of Islam worse to others because to treat people with kids gloves in such a manner garners only scorn and disrespect in the future.

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson and the CBC should be called out on their asses.

But they will not because she is black and the Dems will refuse to clear up what is now clear a culture of corruption and arrogance that is the CBC. Here is the problem, Johnson flat out broke the rules and used scholarships for her own family and the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation allowed this to happen again and again.

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson apparently asked the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation to send scholarship checks directly to her two grandsons and two great-nephews, rather than to their colleges.

Johnson has insisted repeatedly that she left scholarship decisions to aides.

But two letters she sent the foundation from 2006 undermine claims that she wasn't involved in obtaining $31,000 for her relatives and two other ineligible recipients.

Neither her aides nor the foundation responded to repeated requests to discuss the letters, which were obtained separately by The Dallas Morning News and by Johnson's GOP challenger, Stephen Broden, who released them Tuesday.

But the letters suggest a far more direct role for the Dallas Democrat than she acknowledged in the last week after revelations by The News that she awarded at least 23 scholarships to her relatives and the children of a top staffer – in violation of the foundation's nepotism and residency rules.

Outstanding! Merkel honours Danish Muhammad cartoonist Westergaard

Merkel seems to be the only leader left in the west who understands freedom of speech anymore. Muslims are upset and predict "problems."
Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday defended a Danish cartoonist whose drawing of the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb for a turban earned him death threats, as he was given an award in Germany.

"[We] are talking here about the freedom of opinion and of the press. It's about whether in a Western society with its values, he is allowed to publish his Mohammed cartoons in a newspaper or not," Merkel said.

"It is irrelevant whether his caricatures are tasteless or not, whether he thinks they are necessary or helpful, or not. Is he allowed to do that? Yes, he can," Merkel added in the speech in Potsdam near Berlin.

Kurt Westergaard, who is under constant police protection, "is a cartoonist, of whom there are many in Europe. Europe is a place where a cartoonist is allowed to draw something like this.

"This is no contradiction that Europe is also a place where freedom of belief, of religion, where respect for beliefs and religions, are valuable commodities."

At a time of fierce debate in Germany over disparaging remarks about Muslim immigrants made by a central bank member, some Muslims criticized the center-right chancellor and the media said she was taking a risk by honoring a man whom many Muslims believe insulted their faith.

Aiman Mazyek of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany said in a statement: "Merkel is honoring the cartoonist who in our view trampled on our Prophet and trampled on all Muslims."

"By having her photo taken next to Kurt Westergaard, Merkel is taking a huge risk," wrote the conservative daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung before the ceremony.

"It will probably be the most explosive appointment of her chancellorship so far."

The mass-circulation Bild, which has voiced admiration for Bundesbank member Thilo Sarrazin for depicting Turkish and Arab immigrants as welfare spongers who fail to integrate, praised Westergaard and said Merkel's presence showed Germany "does not back down in the face of threats from Islamist fanatics."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Whiny thin-skinned Obama's $50 Billion non starter spending bill is for chumps.

What happened to the hundreds of billions he got last year of over 800 Billion? This is just a gimmick bill to try and pick a fight before the mid-terms which involves this bit that very few congress critters on both sides would never vote for it.
With Democrats facing an increasingly bleak midterm election season, Mr. Obama used a speech at a union gathering on Labor Day, the traditional start of the campaign season, to outline his plan. It calls for a quick infusion of $50 billion in government spending that White House officials said could spur job growth as early as next year — if Congress approves.

That is a big if. Though transportation bills usually win bipartisan support, hasty passage of Mr. Obama’s plan seems unlikely, given that Congress has only a few weeks of work left before lawmakers return to their districts to campaign and that Republicans are showing little interest in giving Democrats any pre-election victories.

Central to the plan is the president’s call for an “infrastructure bank,” which would be run by the government but would pool tax dollars with private investment, the White House says. Mr. Obama embraced the idea as a senator; with unemployment still high despite an array of government efforts, the concept has lately been gaining traction in policy circles and on Capitol Hill.

Indeed, some leading proponents of such a bank — including Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Republican of California; Gov. Ed Rendell, Democrat of Pennsylvania; and Michael R. Bloomberg, the independent mayor of New York — would like to see it finance a broader range of projects, including water and clean-energy projects. They say such a bank would spur innovation by allowing a panel of experts to approve projects on merit, rather than having lawmakers simply steer transportation money back home.

“It will change the way Washington spends your tax dollars,” Mr. Obama said here, “reforming the haphazard and patchwork way we fund and maintain our infrastructure to focus less on wasteful earmarks and outdated formulas, and more on competition and innovation that gives us the best bang for the buck.”

Congress critters will never give up their right to pork, especially before a midterm election.

Martin Pihl puts up worse pre wedding photo ever.

The only way this could have been made worse is if he posted a twitpic of him in his bedroom and her waiting in the background for him to come to bed on the wedding night.