Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Race baiting tactics by Loretta Sanchez against Vietnamese people.

The old tactic here in South Florida was if you wanted to see what a Cuban politician really thought check out his or her ads on spanish stations/interviews. That tactic of saying one thing in Spanish and another in English is classic race baiting by Loretta Sanchez. Don't expect the media to make a big stink. She is a Dem and Hispanic which makes her virtually untouchable.

I am also not seeing any backlash by the Latin media which means they don't seem to mind her race baiting.

Muslims call for federal probe in Quran burning, don't quite under first amendment.

It was stupid but the prosecutors won't charge a man who burned a Quran outside of a mosque. Now Muslims are demanding federal charges.
Local Muslim leaders are upset prosecutors won't pursue charges against a man who burned a Quran outside an East Lansing mosque.

Stuart Dunnings III, prosecuting attorney in Ingham County, said today that authorities "didn't find there was any violation of Michigan law" and that burning pages of the Quran at the Islamic Center of East Lansing in the early morning of Sept. 11 did not meet the legal requirements to file state hate-crime charges.

"We don't have a hate crime. There was no threat of physical intimidation because he was the only one there (at the mosque) at the time," Dunnings told The Detroit News today.

The man's act also was protected by First Amendment rights, added Dunnings.

"It's like burning the flag," said Dunnings. "It can also fall under drunken stupidity."

Dawud Walid, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Michigan, called on federal officials to pursue charges.

"We call on federal law enforcement authorities to investigate the burned Quran left at the mosque door as they would investigate and appropriately charge someone who would leave a burned cross at a African-American church or who left Nazi symbols at a synagogue," Walid said.

"Not to prosecute this hate crime would send a terrible message to bigots that there will be no legal repercussion against those who intimidate Muslims at their houses of worship," Walid said.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Howard Fineman leaves Newsweek for Huffington Post.

A liberal writer lateral move from a dying magazine.
Howard Fineman, one of the more recognizable pundits on cable television and a correspondent for Newsweek for 30 years, is leaving the magazine to become a senior editor at The Huffington Post.

Mr. Fineman’s move from print media to the world of online news is a sign that The Huffington Post, which has so far relied heavily on younger bloggers, is maturing. And it signals that the site, which has become one of the largest news destinations on the web since it launched in 2005, is investing significantly in its growth.

“From the day we launched, it was our belief that the mission of The Huffington Post should be to bring together the best of the old and the best of the new,” said Arianna Huffington, the site’s founder. “Bringing in the best of the old involved more money than we had when we launched. But now that our website is growing, we’re able to bring in the best of the old.”

Why no response from Seattle officials to Islamic terror threat to Molly Norris?

A question from a Seattle Times Columnist.
Yet there's been a "low-grade indifference" to Norris' plight, Jackson says. Public officials haven't contacted her, not even privately.

"Here's a case of a wanted terrorist demanding the head of a Northwesterner," Jackson wrote on the Web site Crosscut. "Why, then, has Molly Norris been met by the mother of all silence?"

Maybe it's squeamishness about touching off another round of Muslim-bashing. There's also a legitimate worry that talking about Norris may make her troubles worse.

When the author Salman Rushdie was put under a fatwa, the British government not only spoke out against it, but paid for a security detail. Maybe that fanned the flames. But it was their way of not buckling.

"There's got to be a path, somewhere between the multiculturalists on the left and the Islamophobes on the right, where we can support this person who is one of us," Jackson said. "She's dangling out there."

I'm relieved to learn our government didn't compel anyone to give up who they are. But the terrorist's goal is to terrorize. It still seems we're letting this one too easily achieve it.

German Oscar submission is about honor killings

Unless it was about a Christian Family, Hollywood won't nominate it.
The film, starring Sibel Kekilli, the young actor who made her name in the 2004 film Head-On (Gegen die Wand), was chosen by a jury of Germany's film export office.

The jury described it as "an extremely well-written, atmospherically directed and moving film with outstanding acting performances. The film treats the struggle of a young German-Turkish mother for self-determination in two value systems in a highly dramatic and subtle manner."

'When We Leave' has been hailed with near-universal acclaim at the 35 film festivals where it has been screened world-wide, winning the best film prize at the Tribeca festival in New York. Its premiere was in the 2010 Berlin film festival in February.