Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bill Simmons encounters the feel good generation of America.

Poor Sportsguy finds out that winning is frowned upon in America.
sportsguy33 Bill Simmons

My daughter's teammate celebrating a goal: "We're winning!" Girl on other team (frowning): "It doesn't matter who wins." Our country sucks.

Clyburn really is driving Miss Pelosi as he takes made up job and title from her.

If you are not the Minority party leader or the second in command, you are just a member.

House Democrats averted a messy leadership struggle, clearing the way for Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer to become second in command of their new minority without a challenge from South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn.

Under an arrangement worked out in private, officials said late Friday that Clyburn would instead receive a new position, title unknown and duties undescribed, explicitly labeled the third-ranking post in leadership.

The maneuvering was described by Democratic officials after Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., issued a vaguely worded statement saying she intends to nominate Clyburn to a new No. 3 post. The statement made no mention of Hoyer, and officials who filled in the details did so on condition of anonymity, saying they were not permitted to speak publicly about the matter.

Just moving along to get along. Clyburn must have agreed because he didn't have the votes to stop Hoyer from beating him for second in command.

Friday, November 12, 2010

(Newsweek) Undercovers was cancelled because they were "Super-Negros"

Can't the reason this show was cancelled because of poor ridiculous storylines, weak main characters that were written to be more style than substance? There was also a lack of chemistry between the two main characters and a ridiculous sidekick that made the situation worse. White,Black, Hispanic didn't matter. It was an overhyped show that couldn't meet expectations.

On Web sites such as Entertainment Weekly’s and Bossip theories ran amok as to why a flashy drama from a veteran producer sank before it could reach deep water. Some pointed to lack of star power, while a few fans complained of weak writing. Sure, all those things can cause any show’s early demise, but I’m not convinced those very fixable creative flaws explain the show’s short life span; ratings were low from the very first episode.

I think it’s possible that a slightly more obvious, disturbing reason could be behind Undercovers’ failure, and it’s pretty familiar: race. Prime-time audiences just weren’t ready for “super-negros” on the small screen. And that’s exactly what Undercovers was: a show about black people doing very “unblack” things.

....Fast-forward 40 years, and it’s plain to see that Hollywood still hasn’t figured out a way to move beyond that absurd premise. It still can’t just fit us in. Yes, we often appear as sidekicks or backup characters in an array of popular shows in prime time, but rarely do we carry a show as the star or let the viewers come home with us. One exception is Jada Pinkett Smith’s turn as a no-nonsense nurse on the TNT show Hawthorne

"Excuse Me?"

Some Muslims Attending Capitol Hill Prayer Group Have Terror Ties

Hey look, CAIR is in the middle of this new fiasco.
An Al Qaeda leader, the head of a designated terror organization and a confessed jihadist-in-training are among a "Who's Who" of controversial figures who have participated in weekly prayer sessions on Capitol Hill since the 2001 terror attacks, an investigation by reveals.

The Congressional Muslim Staff Association (CMSA) has held weekly Friday Jummah prayers for more than a decade, and guest preachers are often invited to lead the service. The group held prayers informally for about eight years before gaining official status in 2006 under the sponsorship of Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., one of two Muslims currently serving in Congress. The second Muslim congressman, Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., joined as co-sponsor after he was elected in 2008.

....Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR’s national communications director, also appears to have attended the Awlaki prayer service.

When asked by if he had attended the service on Capitol Hill, Hooper said:

“Do you realize that the prayer services are open to the public, staffers, we have no say in who offers the prayer — or are you just trying to smear Muslims?”

When asked who chooses who offers the prayer, Hooper said, “You’d have to ask the staffers.”

When asked if he is in the video of the service or had attended any service on Capitol Hill led by Awlaki, Hooper said, “I don’t even remember. I don’t have a real big interest in furthering Fox News' anti-Muslim agenda, but thanks for calling.”

Sources told that CMSA is comprised mostly of young Hill staffers who, for the most part, do not play a role in bringing in speakers; they say organizations like CAIR have a heavy hand in selecting and bringing in outside guests.

UK revamps welfare payments, Unemployed people will lose their benefits if they repeatedly refuse work

This has the bleeding hearts in an uproar in some sort of "backlash."

The coalition government was tonight facing a backlash against the most radical welfare reforms since the second world war after ministers unveiled plans to withdraw hardship payments from unemployed people who forfeit their right to benefits.

Welfare groups warned that the Tories and Liberal Democrats were embarking on a "retrograde step" after the government proposed replacing the hardship payments with loans.

Today Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, published his welfare reform white paper unveiling a new universal credit, which will combine all out-of-work benefits and in-work support in one payment from 2013-14.

This will be underpinned by a tough sanctions regime that will see benefit recipients lose their benefits for up to three years if they repeatedly refuse a job or community work.

....The public appeared to back the new policy. A survey for Channel 4 News by YouGov showed that 58% thought the coalition should "cut benefits more, or have got the balance of change about right".

Weakened Obama can't get Bush written trade agreement signed with South Korea.

Reading between the lines the unions and Dems mucked up the works.
But after visits to India and Indonesia, where Obama on his own removed trade barriers and announced specific export contracts, the politically weakened president could not bring home the agreement that would have the most far-reaching effect on the U.S. economy.

Administration officials say the nearly complete South Korea deal, which Obama inherited from the George W. Bush administration, would increase exports of U.S. goods by $10 billion annually and support 70,000 jobs in the United States. Although the list of outstanding issues was short and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce lobbied heavily for the agreement, key labor and auto interests and their allies in Congress demanded a fuller opening of South Korea's market. Any deal would have required congressional approval, leaving Obama little room to compromise after elections that lessened his clout on Capitol Hill.

Officials were aiming to finish the agreement before the president sat down Thursday with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak. But talks foundered, and the two leaders were left with nothing more to announce than that they would keep working.

Anti-Semitic themes found in mainstream British circles

Before reading the findings I figured that it would be the unions and the liberal media outlets like the Guardian where Israel hate is high especially from their readers.
A report published by a Jewish community organization on Thursday highlights how old anti-Semitic themes to depict Israel and Zionism have become more widespread in mainstream British circles during the past year.

Comparisons of Israel and its supporters to Nazi Germany have become increasingly common among the public, and anti-Semitic conspiracy themes are being used more freely in conversation, the “Anti-Semitic Discourse in Britain in 2009” indicated.

At the heart of revived anti- Jewish sentiments, according to the study, is the “corruption and debasement” of the word “Zionism,” which is found not only in extremist discourse but more commonly in mainstream circles. The overlap of the words “Zionist” and “Jew” also manifests such corruption and reflects modern-day anti-Semitism, according to the CST report.

“When mainstream journalists and politicians use the word ‘Zionism’ in a pejorative way, it can be very difficult to distinguish their words from those of actual anti-Semites who conceal their anti-Semitism by swapping the word ‘Zionist’ for ‘Jew,’” the document states.

While the report emphasizes that the anti-Israel and anti- Zionist campaigns that exists in certain media outlets, liberal-left discourse and trade unions is not inspired by anti-Semitism, it says that such discourse often inadvertently has anti-Semitic effects.

100,000 Hispanics left Arizona after SB1070

and they said you can't have self deportation measures that work.
A new study suggests there may be 100,000 fewer Hispanics in Arizona than there were before the debate over the state's tough new immigration law earlier this year.

BBVA Bancomer Research, which did the study, worked with figures from the U.S. Current Population Survey. The study says the decline could be due to the law known as SB1070, which partly entered into effect in July, or to Arizona's difficult economic situation.

The study released Wednesday also cites Mexican government figures as saying that 23,380 Mexicans returned from Arizona to Mexico between June and September.

U.S. census figures from 2008 say about 30 percent of people living in Arizona are Hispanic, or about 1.9 million.