Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jay Cutler should tell everyone to go screw themselves.

I am not a Jay Cutler fan in the least but after the current and former NFL tough guys ripped the guy for "quiting" then come to find out he has a grade II MCL tear. Someone needs to come out blasting each and every one of these losers. I am getting Trent fricking Dilfer on ESPN saying you would have to drag me off the field in that situation. Hell more people wanted to do that when he was healthy especially playing with the Ravens who won a super bowl in spite of him.

Deion Sanders acting NFL tough guy when in his long career there is no videotaped evidence of him tackling anyone. Maurice Jones Drew is backtracking like crazy from his stupid twit yesterday.

As for the argument that Culter should have acted up more on the sidelines to keep perception down like Dan Patrick said on his last show. No, Cutler persona is what it is and to play it up would have made him more fake. Its like Lovie Smith getting yelled at about not being more demonstrative on the sidelines. You can't change personalities and damn it you idiots made me feel bad for Cutler.

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