Saturday, April 16, 2011

(Video) Ghetto trash niggas beat up two white people, arrests finally being made.

I am pretty much over trying to be politically correct, Smoking Gun has the video and the updates. If this was reversed we would have protests and all hell would break loose as Eric Holder's DOJ would be on the case filing charges.

So far no mention of hate crimes charges. I have said it before as black people we need to treat this nigga subculture as a disease that needs to be destroyed as it is having a corrosive effect on the image of black people

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Boycott Hanna as director Joe Wright trashes Republicans.

Or see it for free by paying for other movie as a another left wing dick of a director wants more "social conscience" movies to combat all those right wing action movies. This when promoting a movie about a teenage assassin.

Via left wing movieline.
I wondered if you’d had any struggles with the MPAA, either with the violence or in regards to the kiss scene between your two actresses.

I don’t think so with regards to the kiss. [Note: The sexual material citation is likely due to a scene in which adult characters are overheard having sex off-camera.] Obviously the line that we were skipping ‘round was violence and obviously a young person holding a gun and all of that kind of stuff, so there was some discussion about how far we could push things. But really, we kind of found ourselves in a satisfactory place where I didn’t feel like the film was compromised for that rating — and in fact, I was keen for that rating to be achieved, because I wanted to reach an audience who might identify with Hanna and be the same age as her. I think that the action genre is a very interesting one in terms of its place in a social context. I think that Paul Greengrass showed us with the Jason Bourne films that it was possible to make an action movie with a social conscience, a political-social context. You know, it’s not an accident that the journalist in the third film is writing for The Guardian newspaper. And so, I was interested in making such a film, because most action films that I see are misogynistic and misanthropic, and kind of gun-loving, Republican bullsh*t. And that concerns me because those are the films young people are going to see.

(Video) Dumbass 19-Yr Old Partial Black Kid’s Dispute About Speeding In Residential Area

This is making the rounds on the black media sites as some sort of race angle but what you are seeing is the future of America as a shitty mother regardless of race allows her 19 year old son who is already in the wrong act like gutter trash and defends his actions.

Obama's budget: Tax your ass, Spend like a fool and cuts to America's military.

Just your typical lying liberal vision of America claiming to be cuts when its basically tax and spend your way to riches by Obama.