Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jose Antonio Vargas should be arrested and deported.

No one should be above American laws because they won a press prize and then gleefully yaps their illegal status in front of the American people and demanding America keeps bending their laws for their happiness. That is all I have to say about it.

Chicago's Garry McCarthy dumb liberal white top cop racist gun rant.

Everyone is missing the implication here and how it is the ultimate degradation of blacks and hispanics.

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy earlier this month told parishioners at St. Sabina’s Church that federal gun laws are akin to “government-sponsored racism.”

“I want you to connect one more dot on that chain of African-American history in this country, and tell me if I’m crazy: Federal gun laws that facilitate the flow of illegal firearms into our urban centers, across this country, that are killing black and brown children,” he said according to an WMAQ-Channel 5 story that aired Thursday.

McCarthy can be heard telling the congregation in the video about the NRA, “The NRA does not like me, and I’m OK with that.”

McCarthy went on to say that in the debate about gun control, there has to be “a recognition of who’s paying the price for gun manufacturers being rich and living in gated communities.”

So the federal government is responsible for the flow of guns into the inner city which means the government is forcing blacks and hispanics to pick up the guns, form gangs, rob/kill people as well? That means blacks and hispanics in his mind are incapable of not committing gun crimes unless the government controls guns?

This blatant racism coming from this is astounding.