Saturday, August 6, 2011

As a black man, I find new biracial Spiderman to be a dumb, insulting PC money grab

..that appeals to the weak minded people in the world that demand their entertainment products "reflect" their world. I am not wired that way that I can't admire or emulate a non black character or feel excited if I saw a black superhero. But this new Spiderman in the Ultimate line is nothing more than a pure money grubbing politically correct garbage that is one of the reasons I don't collect comic books anymore.

Regardless of this being the Ultimate line where the writers can have a field day. Spider Man is Peter Parker and Peter Parker is Spider Man. This isn't the Lantern Corp where you can slip a ring on a finger and go on from there. This is a superhero who has the qualities, desire and hope you can find in any kid growing up regardless of race or cultural background who dreams of being a superhero.

Marvel to change the character from a universal POV to another superhero franchise that can be passed around to a half black/hispanic kid and then defending it as being reflective of our "diversity" is insulting to anyone who feels everyone shares a common set of values and morals.

What is most irritating is that Marvel took the easy way out and made this character because of a lack of out the box thinking. Why not create new superheroes if you want to have more diversity? Why not push the minority characters you already have in your lineup like Black Panther to move on from there? Instead they take an iconic character to push this new kid as something special.

The backlash against Miles is totally justified because it looks, feels and is cheap. If you want to reflect your diverse world how about becoming more diverse in your creative thinking instead of looking for the next NAACP or La Raza diversity award to justify your decisions.