Saturday, October 15, 2011

Goldie Taylor, a columnist at is a vile piece of gutter trash.

As I said below, it seems leftist black women think they can say the most vile racist shit without consequence because they believe in the "black people need to think like them or they are house niggers" line of thinking. That is the only explanation for this to be said on MSNBC.

Melissa Harris Perry: Michele Bachmann’s ‘Tax The Poor’ Rhetoric Is ‘Just Racism’

What isn't racism anymore? It used to be the race baiting was coming hard from leftist black men, but leftist female black women have jumped up a couple of notches to just declare anything coming from anyone not on their side as racism with a smirk and a grin.
With the national debt and its effect on the economy being the top issue of the 2012 campaign, the panel today on Up with Chris Hayes debated the various merits of the Republicans’ tax plans, and one bit of rhetoric from Rep. Michele Bachmann struck panelist Melissa Harris Perry as transcending policy grounds and just flat out racist: the proposition that there is a sector of the population, as host Chris Hayes put it, that are “producers” and another that are “leeches.”

The comment in question from Rep. Bachmann was an argument on her part that taxes should be raised on those who don’t pay any– “we need to get more in line,” she told a crowd, “because everyone… should pay something.” She also cited a statistic that only 53% of Americans pay taxes. “I think that’s just racism,” Harris Perry argued, likening it to the “2011 version of the welfare queen.” “What that is meant to imply is that there is a whole group that is dependent,” she explained, and the subtext to that being that the group is comprised of “unworking, unmarried poor black women who are welfare queens.” The “53%” talk, she concluded, was “just a way of evoking all of these scary, racialized, and poor others.”

Right, because its not a fact that 53% of productive members of society are paying federal income tax while the other 47% get tax breaks and welfare checks from the 53%. Too claim its just coded racism is a tactic to stop talking about the divide in this country that is being broken in two of those who can produce and those who are just users.