Saturday, January 21, 2012

7 students charged for beating up 13 year old on Ocala school bus

Many angles to get at this story such as the media except for this site is not reporting on the racial angle since it was 7 black students beating up a white student. If it was reversed all hell would break loose.

Seven Marion County students face felony charges after a severe beating on a school bus that sent a 13-year-old girl to the hospital.

Zantavia Williams, 14, was among the students charged. The five girls and two boys all attended Liberty Middle School.

She said the beating happened Friday after a student got on the bus for the first time and was unfamiliar with the way students seated themselves. Black students normally sit in the back, white students in front. Williams said the student couldn't find a seat on the 16-row bus.

Marion County deputies said there were 74 students on board when the fight erupted. School officials said the bus has capacity for 89 students, if students sit three to a seat.

Williams said the victim, a white female, entered the back of the bus, and was told she would have to stand. Deputies said she was then hit by a shoe.

Williams said that's when the victim uttered a racial slur, and several black students began beating her.

Marion County Schools spokesman Kevin Christian said the bus driver did all he could to restore control on the bus.

He pulled over once, got the students to stop fighting, and then continued on his route. The fight then started again.

By the time authorities were called, the girl needed to be rushed to the hospital.

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