Wednesday, November 7, 2012

59% of Ohio approved of the auto bailouts.

When Obama Claus came to town and gave them free money to his union buddies, he was sent for the win. You can't fight against people who think they are entitled to money like union workers in Ohio.
In winning Ohio by a small margin, Obama tapped heavily into the northern areas of the state where the auto industry plays a large role. The bailout that kept General Motors and Chrysler Group alive was a key issue in those areas.

"President Obama stood by American workers in their darkest hour, and UAW members and citizens in communities that are part of the thriving auto industry, are grateful for his willingness to bet on us," said UAW President Bob King in a statement after Obama was declared the winner. "Today, the domestic auto industry is roaring back, with investment in factories, new workers and manufacturing returned to our country."

Blood sucking parasites. I will never buy a GM or Chrysler product ever.

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