Thursday, November 8, 2012

Enough with the whiny navel gazing on Romney losing part 2

paragraph after paragraph of navel gazing that can be explained away in much less time.

Obama with a bad economy and nothing to show for it other than pandering to different groups via identity politics was successful in portraying Romney as the living embodiment of why the economy stinks. Rich, white wall street type that doesn't "Care" or understand anyone in the middle class while stealing money to put in the caymans or Swiss bank account.

Make a caricature, character assassinate, media helping along, phony story lines like war on women, big bird..etc.etc. while dismissing your own policies that helped worsen an already bad economy.

It also helps when Romney's own camp refuses to fight back, gets outsmarted and out hustled on the ground game using an old political campaign against an updated political method.

Wash, rinse, repeat every day of every month till election day. Yes, the Dems had their energized base of groups out but less total than in 2008. What Obama did above was help depress the GOP side numbers.

My sense is these voters were unhappy with Obama. But his negative ad campaign relentlessly emphasizing Romney’s wealth and tenure at Bain Capital may have turned them off to the Republican nominee as well. The Romney campaign exacerbated this through the challenger’s failure to articulate a clear, positive agenda to address these voters’ fears, and self-inflicted wounds like the “47 percent” gaffe. Given a choice between two unpalatable options, these voters simply stayed home.

Read it somewhere else, but the day of the low info voter who was too stupid to vote is done. Obama has helped to usher in the oprahrization of America politics. Cool is more important than policy and Identity politics playing to peoples self interest and ego is now the new normal.

Republicans can easily play this game but not with the establishment players that show up every election since Obama showed up. New blood now or wither and die later as a political party.

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