Sunday, November 11, 2012

Food stamps now commonly used among college students

If you want to know what the future takers of America looks like then check out the attitude of the college students. We have made using food stamps socially cool with these people.

Nearly 47 million Americans rely on federal food assistance benefits, a 12-year high attributed to the weak U.S. economy and high rates of unemployment over the last five years. Lesser known is that college students are among the increasing numbers of people relying on food stamps. As tuition rates have risen and financial aid has fallen — and parents who were once a source of financial support have lost jobs or homes and become ineligible for college loans for their children — students have had to fend for themselves.

Student use of SNAP is not limited to regional or urban areas; students are using EBT cards across the country.

“I am receiving about $200 worth of food stamps per month, and I can’t imagine living without them,” said Sheena Vails, a sophomore at the University of Missouri who lives in an apartment with three other student SNAP participants.

But students seem less embarrassed about using food stamps now that many of their peers use them.

“When I was growing up, being on food stamps was frowned upon as it meant that your family was poor, but now that so many people have been forced to take advantage of it, it’s become socially acceptable,” said student British Fields, who also attends Howard, adding: “Without them, I simply would not eat.”

The increased food stamp use on college campuses has raised questions about whether students are abusing the program and applying less for need than as a means to save money.

If the leech in the bolded is getting $200 a month and she is living with 3 other leeches who lets assume is getting the same amount. That is $800 a month of taxpayers money being handing out to them. Terrific.

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