Tuesday, November 6, 2012

GOP: Time to get ready for the 2014 midterms

1) Conservative candidates who are not mind blowing dumbasses like Todd Akins. Who can articulate conservative positions and making sure they can handle the media unlike TODD AKINS.. Honestly Todd Akins should be the poster child on how to destroy an easy pickup.

2) No moderate candidates, see Scott Brown. The dumbass went liberal moving away from the tea party and got smoked by a lying fake indian school smarm in Warren. You can't out lib a liberal. Don't try.

3)National GOP party needs to take over California, Illinois and New York state parties. Their ineptness is killing us. Let them run candidates that fit that area but still can stand out from the Dems.

4) Can we please starting tearing down the mainstream media? They are not your friends, they will never invite you to their parties. Stop sucking up. This dovetails into conservatives in general hurting the MSM.

5) Fix the primaries and stop making Dems screw around with them. Alan Grayson and other Dems did it to make sure they got the weakest opponent to run against them and win. They even ran ads to help the weak one to get ahead.

6) Reinvent the party and still keep your principles intact. The worst you can do is try to be more liberal. It has been tried and failed miserably time and time again. What you have to do is learn to package conservative ideals into a sellable item.

That also means putting Obama and the Dems on the defensive on everything. Point out the rising costs behind Obamacare when it starts in earnest in 2013, keep showing the failures of the stimulus.

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