Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How Obama won reelection in five easy steps.

When you appeal to the weakness in people, you can get whatever you want in life.

1) Ohio: The GOP screwed up on Ohio because they underestimated the leeching tendencies of a state that liked getting an auto bailout and has unions who took taxpayers money with glee.

GOP tried to present an sound economic reason why the auto bailout failed to basically half of a state that are a bunch of welfare queens looking for free money. You threaten free money and as Al Sharpton says they will vote their self interest.

Obama played it smart by realizing what states he had and then appealing to a couple of states by being their Daddy Warbucks. It worked in Ohio perfectly.

2) Obama divided America into self interest groups.

Latinos got amnesty
Gays got gay marriage
Women were yelled at that the GOP is coming to take away their abortions on demand and women parts. A majority fell for it.
Union members were promised the moon and future card check legislation

GOP appealed on a common theme value package that would have worked 20 years ago, Obama did a self interest package.

3) BUSH'S FAULT! A masterful repetition of everything bad is Bush's fault and the media helped along that narrative.

4) The New Normal: The economic numbers are there and Obama should have been beaten like a drum on it but won because he convinced at least half the country that this is the new normal and everything will get better maybe. They brought it.

5) Having Romney as an opponent: Look at the beginning of the year, I thought GOP field was the worst I have seen since Dole won the nomination. Romney won it but Team Obama took the time to in June and July to define Romney to the point of a cartoon character. Romney was not the best candidate to go against Obama but he shocked me with the first debate and then actually putting up a fight but in the end the characterization stuck and too much to overcome in states that he needed.

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