Saturday, November 10, 2012

New York City Employees hoard FREE gas meant for first responders

No word from Bloomberg if he intends to stop it.

An exclusive investigation discovered city employees getting free gas — originally meant for first responders.

There were cars getting fueled up. A woman was spotted putting two gas cans into her trunk. There were long lines.

They seem like scenes from a typical gas station, right?

Well, not quite. They were taking place in the parking lot at the World’s Fair Marina on Friday.

It was a fueling station, not only for first responders and NYC vehicles, but also, it seems, for the personal vehicles of any city employee.

And the gas was free!

“It’s a great break for us,” FDNY administrator Maria Mercado said.

The gas is delivered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in huge tanker trucks. Drivers roll up and an attendant immediately fills up the tank without ever taking a dime.

“It’s really not about the free part. It’s about being able to get gas,” the FDNY’s Rob Figueroa said.

The city said this station is supposed to have limits for those using personal vehicles.

“There’s an approved list of city employees, contractors, engineers, nurses, doctors as well as police officers, firefighters that are able to get fuel at the city sites to make sure we can continue to carry out critical city operations,” NYC spokesman Marc Lavorgna said.

and the quote of the day to show how liberals think.

“I feel like I’m a city employee and I need to get to work to help the city out,” Dermody said.

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