Monday, November 12, 2012

New York demands $30 Billion for Hurricane Sandy from America

Where is that image.. once second please.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is asking the federal government for around $30 billion to help repair damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy on New York State, the governor's staff said on Monday, confirming earlier reports.

That amount would cover nearly all of the approximately $33 billion in damage Cuomo has blamed on Sandy, the megastorm that struck the East Coast two weeks ago.

Cuomo's inventory of costs includes $3.5 billion in bridge, tunnel, subway and train repairs; $1.65 billion to rebuild housing destroyed in the storm and $1 billion for local governments that rang up storm-related costs, like overtime for first responders.

Here it is! It still fits, I guarantee being Cuomo he inflated the actual costs to get his face in the taxpayers trough. I want the true costs, not his imagination. Here is what is even more galling

For example, he is looking at a proposal to replace the region’s power grid with a so-called smart grid that would improve the ability of utility companies to pinpoint areas with power failures and respond to them. That proposal could cost at least $30 billion over 10 years, according to senior aides to the governor.

In addition, Mr. Cuomo is looking at a plan to have the federal government invest billions of dollars to modernize the fuel supply capacity of the New York City region to avoid the kind of gas shortages that have plagued New Yorkers since the storm barreled through.

The plan would include building new oil and gas pipelines from the New England states to reduce New York’s dependence on fuel that arrives through ports in New Jersey, a state that was also hobbled by the storm and was thus unable to continue to fully supply the region with fuel.

Mr. Cuomo is also considering the creation of an emergency petroleum reserve for the state, much like the one the federal government has at its disposal in the event of a national crisis.
Here it is!

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