Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No grand bargain, make all taxes go up and fiscal cliff happen.

Screw it. GOP should let everything in the automatic spending cuts happen, let the all the taxes rise for everyone and just say this is what Obama approves. People want free stuff. You get to pay for free stuff.

Hell, give them want they want and stand back. Burn the place to the ground in a manner of speaking.

even better suggestion at Instapundit.

READER MICHAEL MILLER offers another suggestion to Speaker Boehner for increasing revenue:

Want to change the direction of the debate? Let’s talk about actually taxing the wealthy. You want to see Dem’s scream and argue about that. Tax people on their assets, not their income. Pelosi’s wealthy on income, nope.

The conversation MUST change. There are dozens of potential revenue sources within the wealthy that would easily triple the income to the US over penalizing hard workers. And then, we’d see the true colors of the Dems, the Streisands, Spielbergs, the Soros.

Hundreds of billions can be generated, by taxing a very small portion of muni bond income. Yes, other items can be looked at, tax breaks, but they are miniscule, to the total WEALTH, (NOT INCOME) that is out there. And it wouldn’t change their desirability since even after a SMALL tax, it beats everything out there. Guess who owns muni’s? Feinstein, Spielberg…

In essence, this is the only way out of the punitive tax brackets we find ourselves in. And even if it makes little economic sense, just hearing these jerks whine about a tax on THEM, just for a bit, would be hilarious.

Also, tax Hollywood on their box office revenues, attack the weathly liberal and see everything get pushed to a stop. GOP, you can tax the rich as long its the ones we conservatives hate.

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