Thursday, November 8, 2012

Obama lock on hispanic vote in Florida by the numbers.

How do you appeal to people who believe in a socialist government who needs to take of them? This is the new wave of Hispanics who have political values 180 from America values. Its the importation of Latin and South American political values.

As Republicans regroup in the election's aftermath, their approach to wooing Hispanic voters will have to be revamped, said Eddie Fernández, an attorney with Shutts & Bowen in Orlando who is active in conservative politics.

"I think Republicans' view of Hispanics, and I am going to say maybe women and other minorities as well, is as someone you need to outreach to during an election year, rather than groups that are integral to the party," he said. "That's what needs to change."

In Hollywood, Américo Vargas, a 70-year-old retired truck driver born in the Dominican Republic, said he did not trust Republicans to represent him."The way I see it Republicans are against Hispanics," he said. "Romney said 47 percent [of Americans] want a handout. I think he meant us."

Obama racked up big margins with all Hispanic blocs in Florida, according to the Bendixen & Amandi poll. It found that Obama took 79 percent of the South American vote, including 80 percent of Colombians, 82 percent of Peruvians, 79 percent of Ecuadorians, and 76 percent of Venezuelans, 75 percent of Argentinians and 92 percent of Brazilians.

Among Central Americans, including those from Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador, 74 percent voted for Obama, the pollsters found. The percentage of Mexicans in Florida who favored Obama was 66, Dominicans, 81.

Angie Ortega, who moved to Pembroke Pines from Puerto Rico in 2010, is part of the new wave of Hispanic voters changing Florida's political profile. Ortega said she voted for Obama because she believes he is the best candidate with the best ideas for helping people like herself.

"I thought the president needs to finish what he started and he deserves a second chance," said Ortega, 45, a behavior specialist who works with the handicapped. "If Obama does the great job he says he is going to do I will remain a Democrat. But if he doesn't, I may vote for the Republican the next time."

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