Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obama's second term agenda: Amnesty for illegal immigrants, gun control, more government.

Its irritating that Romney could not pull it off, but no whining because its time to stop the Obama agenda.

1) Amnesty for illegals: Colorado was handed to him by latinos who want amnesty on the table. That is 15 million illegals plus incoming relatives. We can't reward criminal behavior by saying fuck it, come on in free of charge.

2) Gun Control, he now has more flexibilty. Gun Control will be a hot topic because the Dems want it, he wants it and now he doesn't have to care about reelection.

3) Supreme Court Judges: If ROberts hadn't screwed everyone over by allowing Obamacare to be enacted, I would say this is going to be a fight, now its must be a war to stop him somehow putting on 2-3 more liberal hacks that will further piss on American values.

4) EPA regulation: On this I am kinda happy because the fucktards in Ohio and PA that voted for Obama are going to get nailed by these regulations and lose their jobs and frankly I don't care if they do anymore. They deserve it. So if it hits a state that voted for Obama. Whatever.

5)Obamacare: Its going to happen and it will be painful to those of us with jobs and having to pay for everyone elses insurance. The only thing we can do now is run it into the ground. Whatever law in Obamacare you can take advantage of legally,exploit the shit out of it. Drive up the costs and make sure if Obama and the Dems want to run America off a cliff, lets speed up the process.

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