Sunday, November 11, 2012

(Politico) The loser talk of Republican moderates Frum, Schmidt and Huckabee.

The idiocy of the moderates is formed around a huge lie that if they are "nicer" then you will win over the Hispanics and Blacks in this country.
“For too many swing voters, conservatism has come to mean crazy statements, intolerence and loony candidates — and too often, the elected leadership is afraid of a talk radio industry where the hosts define who is and is not a conservative,” said Schmidt.

“When people in politics had real connections with voters … 15 minutes of Rush Limbaugh — a little porn never hurt anybody,” Frum said. “But when he becomes the king-maker of the party, then you have a problem.”

“The federal government spends seven times as much money on people over 65 as it does on people under 19. The Republican base are the people who get the most from the federal government,” Frum said. “You can’t think if you reject facts. You can’t refer to minority groups as mendicants or moochers simply because they want the economy to function. We need to insult fewer people.”

“The real conservative policy is attractive to minorities,” Huckabee told POLITICO. “Our problem isn’t the product, it’s the box we put it in. Our message should not be ‘tailored’ to a specific demographic group, but presented to empower the individual American, whatever the color, gender or ethnicity.”

Any idiot moderate says this just point them to this link and this quote.
Ask white voters about the proper role of government, for another, and 60 percent think it should do less. Ask Hispanics the same question, and 58 percent think the government should do more, as do 73 percent of blacks, exit polls show.

You can hear it in the voice of Alicia Perez, a 31-year-old immigration attorney who voted last week at a preschool in Ysleta, Texas.

"I trust the government to take care of us," she said. "I don't trust the Republican Party to take care of people."

There should be an talk about reaching out to minorities but don't try to bullshit people like the moderates are that conservatism is attractive to people who come from a culture south of the border that values mommy government and they want that here.

BTW, Moderate Republicans better understand the other numbers which is without the conservatives, you lose by 20 points. There is a helluva more of us than you. Deal.

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