Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Updates on the UKIP foster scandal.

The kids who were taken away are now seperated from each other in different homes and the council is refusing to say sorry about their actions.
Rotherham council, whose social workers removed three children from foster parents who are members of Ukip, has repeated assurances that political party membership is not a bar to fostering.

But the council's Labour leader, Roger Stone, warned that the case, which has caused a national furore in advance of a parliamentary byelection in the South Yorkshire town on Thursday, was complex, and gave assurances that the children were "safe and in very good care".

He was speaking after receiving an interim report from senior council staff into the decision, which has led to scathing criticism from the education secretary, Michael Gove.

After discussing the report for two hours, Stone said in a statement: "I am now able to set out the way forward. As we said on Saturday, membership of Ukip should not bar someone from fostering. This remains a very complex case involving legal advice relating to the decision in question, particular features of the children's background and an external agency responsible for finding and providing the foster carers concerned.

Meanwhile, the couple involved in the case, a nursery nurse and a former Royal Navy reservist, have said they would appreciate a public apology.

They said: "We are surprised that there has been no apology from Rotherham borough council and we feel that they are hiding behind the complexity of the case."

The pair, who have not been identified to protect the children, said they would like them back "in an ideal world" but felt their chances had been wrecked because they did not want to cause them any more upheaval.

The wife told the Daily Telegraph: "We feel that we have personally been slandered and we would like a public apology from Rotherham.

"We would also like something in the form of a letter stating that they have got it wrong in this case and that it will not be on our records that we have had children removed from our care. We just want a clean slate."

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