Sunday, November 4, 2012

(Video) People chanted Obama gas in Crown Heights with free gas.

The takers are out in force. Everything should be free!
Word spread early Saturday morning that an impromptu refueling station would be staged in Central Brooklyn to help desperate drivers and commuters. However, frustrations arose when authorities stopped refueling civilians to prioritize needs of first responders.

After two fuel trucks, led by police escort and protected by military command, parked at the corner of Bedford Avenue and Union Street in front of the Crown Heights community's armory facility, long lines swelled with hundreds of cars and also people on foot with gas canisters.

The free gas was made possible by FEMA causing people in the crowd to laugh as a few chanted, "Obama gas! Obama gas!"

A woman named Denise Lewis was frustrated because she waited for an hour then was turned away with her canister before officials apparently reversed their decision.

"They said they weren’t given out to canisters, they were giving out to cars." Lewis, was on the opposite corner once a new line designated for canisters formed with about 400 people. "That guy better figure out how to fill up my tank. They didn’t say it was cars, they said it was free gas."

Video of people whining its taking too long for free gas.

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