Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Conservatives: We need to destroy the media, Hollywood and Schools.

The media has done more to help Obama along his entire four years than anyone else. They have been his friend and defenders at the expense of the truth. Stop supporting them financial and damage their reputations that includes individual reporters. After a while don't you get tired of being smeared and slapped around by people who hold the power to construct their own narrative especially among the low info voters?

The second is Hollywood. They spit on your values, morals, religion(except Islam, they ain't stupid for fear of their lives)and mock anyone east of Los Angeles and West of New York. Its time to hit the actors and people in that workd in their wallets and make sure everyone knows what they say about others who don't fit their "enlightened" views.

The third is the education system in this country. If the last four years hasn't proven to you we are surrounded by dumbfucks, what else proof do you need? Liberals control the way our children from K till the end of college on what they can believe and are taught every day. Conservatives, people of values cannot win another national race if we continue to just sit on blogs and whine about it as if something is getting done.

I hate to say it but the major conservative sites have failed MISERABLY to educating the masses on what Obama has and wants to do with this country which is turn into into a land of parasites dependent on government to be their parents from cradle to grave.

The demographics have changed where people believe they are all victims and its not their fault they are not more successful. So be it. Treat them like the scum that they are and go from that point on to break them down. They are not worth your time.

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