Monday, December 17, 2012

Chuck Todd says fear Video gamers and Republicans is different America.

The media is in full gun banning mode and the old standbyes of also video game being evil is starting to creep into the conversation. Chuck Todd, the liberal lick that he is goes for the twofer.

“I’m sorry, we go to the whole common sense question about, you know, should someone be able to shoot off 30 rounds in 10 seconds – whatever it is. But, we’ve got to have the cultural conversation,” Todd said.

Todd said that the National Rifle Association is more likely to agree on gun control measures if entertainment producers are also at the table. Todd then pivoted to video game playing and chastised parents who are letting their children play video games excessively.

“If your kid, for three hours, is disappearing in the basement doing nothing but playing Halo, you may want to make sure your kid doesn’t have a problem,” Todd concluded.

“Well said,” Matthews added.

As for gun questions, Chuck earlier this morning pointed out the two Americas in his mind.
Chuck Todd: … having this discussion in Washington. The question is, does it last after the New Year? It may last this week before Christmas.

Guest: There is clear public opinion … public opinion is behind it. People are behind it. This is the right moment…

CT: There’s public opinion in general and there’s public opinion in the Republican congressional districts. Which is a different America. Anyway, thank you all. Thank you for the short … there… we have a busy morning.

There you have the opening narrative from the media.

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