Sunday, December 16, 2012

Disabled student, 18, with mental capacity of a 6-month-old gets Straight A's grades

....and you wonder why our educational system in America is falling apart when this fraud is so out in the open and no one has been fired yet?
The father of a severely mentally disabled Georgia high school student says his son's A's in his special education classes are bogus.

Wes DeWeese says his son Jared was born premature and has the mental capacity of a 6-month-old despite recently celebrating his 18th birthday.

He cannot speak or work, much less read or write, and yet he is enrolled in classes like world history and algebra - and passing them with top marks, according to his transcript.
'This basically is telling me they're giving them scores of 100 because this reflects on the overall schools. There's no way Jared can do algebra,' the father told WSBTV.

'I don't think people in Jared's case should be graded on anything like this. It should be on the skills set forth, goals the parents set with the teachers.'

School officials wouldn't comment about Jared's case specifically.

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