Saturday, December 8, 2012

Illegal immigrant, Jorge Mariscal gets kidney, pissed at America for having to pay.

This article shows the all entitled feeling of illegal immigrants who think everything is right and they shouldn't have to pay for it.
As an illegal immigrant, Jorge Mariscal waited eight years for a kidney transplant he feared would never come.

His persistence paid off Thursday when he underwent the procedure at Loyola University Medical Center.

After years of uncertainties, Mariscal said he's excited about his future and grateful for the help he received. But he remains frustrated with a health care system that he worries might leave out an untold number of illegal immigrants in need of lifesaving treatments.

"Why can't we be treated the same?" he asked while sitting in his hospital room. "Health care should be a human right, not a privilege. At least give us the chance to fight for our lives with dignity."

You are an illegal immigrant who was brought over here by your parents who broke the law and now you demand free medicine? Go screw yourself. Why doesn't mexico pay for it? Once again America is the whore of the world being used by johns like this for their benefits.

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