Thursday, December 27, 2012

MSNBC's Toure wants law for gun owners to tell everyone they have guns.

The whole idea of printing the gun owner permits by the Journal Star was to shame gun owners and make them out to be pariahs and evil people. Toure being the liberal twit that he is has no problem with it.
Krystal Ball opened the segment by explaining that the information the paper published is “publicly available” (they aggregated the data from Freedom of Informtion Act requests), but said that the publication of the names and addresses “smacks of sort of naming and shaming responsible gun owners, and making them seem as if they’re criminals.”

Ball added, “I think this is a mistake that liberals make in this debate a lot. It feels like we’re conflating people who own guns with people who are criminals, and that’s why we lose on this issue a lot,” and asked if public records had been available to name Muslim Americans in the wake of 9/11, “would it be okay to publish their names and addresses, and make them targets?”

Touré called Krystal’s analogy a “false equivalence” (the two most overused words in the liberal vocabulary; by definition, things that are analogous are not the same), explaining that “being Muslim does not have a negative impact on me. Owning a gun has a negative potential impact on me.”

Touré also pointed out that publication of this information could actually enhance the deterrent factor of owning a gun, but his most effective argument was “I have the right to know, I think, who has a gun and doesn’t. Maybe I don’t want to go there, and my kids going there…”

“They’re not sex offenders,” Ball cut in.

Kornacki reinforced Touré’s point. “We treat guns as a private choice, but they’re really a public matter,” he said, rattling off statistics about gun deaths in the U.S., and adding, “I should be able to know, hey, there’s a gun there. I choose to not go there. If you have it for deterrence, you should want people to know, don’t come in here. we’re packing.”

On that point, Touré and Kornacki are spot-on, and if there were a law requiring gun owners to notify guests, and especially parents, that there are guns on the premises before allowing them in, I would support that.

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