Wednesday, December 19, 2012

National Association of Black Journalists Prez says Rob Parker wasn't racist about RG III

Greg Lee understands what the brother was trying to say but didn't put it in a clear manner.
The NFL has essentially condemned First Take, making players aware of the “discourse on the show.” Reading between the lines: the NFL knows the show is all about race-baiting, and is doing what it can to prevent athletes from participating. Surprisingly, one group not completely slamming the show is the National Association of Black Journalists. This week I spoke with Greg Lee, the President of NABJ, and asked him for his thoughts on the Parker incident:

We have had internal discussions and at some point, we will speak to ESPN about it. I know a lot of people there, and we want to grasp what they’re trying to accomplish on the show … But given that the show comes on 365 days a year, how often do you have a slip up on one of those shows?

One problem could be that the NABJ is very tied to ESPN (see here and here), which might be why they’ve been slow to react to the show’s rich history of ignorant behavior, like Stephen A. Smith saying the n-word, twice, with no repercussions from ESPN. The NABJ went after Phil Mushnick of the NY Post earlier this year; it has gone after CNN in the past. It is fairly surprising nothing has been said about First Take. Could one of the reasons be that Galen Gordon of the NABJ is part of the team that produces First Take? Those familiar with ESPN may remember Gordon as one of the guys who was the brains behind Stephen A. Smith’s “Quite Frankly.”

Lee went on: “I understand what Rob was trying to say, but the execution was poor. When they have discussions concerning race … if you misinterpret something … the way Rob executed what he said, the way he said it … the perception is he was race-baiting.”

Translation: A lot of the niggarati is thinking the same as Rob Parker just that he screwed up on presenting it in a nicer manner.

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  1. This issue shouldn't be taken lightly. There are many blacks who have to suffer the stigma of "not being black enough" Most of my black friends carry themselves like RG3, but I am not sure if we are the minority or the Majority. If you let media tell it, we are the minority. I find it disturbing than CNN and MSNBC has not even done a story about this or even an opinion piece.