Sunday, May 13, 2012

(Video) BBC question time blames white girls for getting raped by Muslim gang.

Via Instapundit. Good lord... The political correctness of England and the BBC is on display here. This has been an ongoing problem as "Asian" gang were grooming young white girls for prostitution and sex acts but the Greater Manchester Police and prosecution office didn't go after them because they were afraid of being called racists. So on BBC question time, they tackle the issue about 11 mins in the video below and universally blame the girls.
A question was asked on Thursday’s Question Time about whether or not this latest incident was evidence of a cultural problem with Pakistani and Afghan Muslims emigrating to the UK. The entire panel, as well as many members of the audience tried to blame society at large instead, or say that it had nothing to do with race or culture (even though the defendants and the convicting judge made it clear that they viewed white girls as lesser beings and viable targets), and tried to say any talk of a cultural problem was racist. There was even a vicar who tried to blame the girls themselves for being too willing to give up their innocence.
Here is the video and the subsequent ones on the side panel. Its is just awful.

(Video) Eva Longoria says Mexican people were occupied by America.

Three minutes in as the mental genius that is Hollywood actress says Mexican people were occupied.