Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chicago proposes to never turn over illegals to Federal Agents

Hey more sanctuary cities away from me and into places like Chicago is aokay with me.
A few weeks after the Supreme Court ruled primarily in favor of the Obama administration’s immigration enforcement powers in its suit against Arizona, federal officials are now facing resistance from a surprising source, Obama’s hometown of Chicago.

According to the New York Times, Chicago Mayor and former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said he would propose an ordinance that would bar police officers from turning over illegal immigrants to federal agents if the immigrants do not have serious criminal convictions or outstanding criminal warrants.

This ordinance is aimed to make Chicago the “most immigrant-friendly city in the country,” according to Emanuel. “If you have no criminal record, being part of a community is not a problem for you. We want to welcome you to the city of Chicago,” said Emanuel as he spoke in the Latino Little Village neighborhood.

The ordinance would be the strongest of the “sanctuary” ordinances adopted by several cities nationwide, which spare illegal immigrants from being held from deportation if they have committed only minor civil immigration violations.

Feds OK Fla. access to citizens list

Now the state can properly check to see if anyone who isn't supposed to be voting is voting eligible on the rolls.

In a victory for Republicans, the federal government has agreed to let Florida use a law enforcement database to challenge people's right to vote if they are suspected of not being U.S. citizens.

The agreement, made in a letter to Florida Gov. Rick Scott's administration that was obtained by The Associated Press, grants the state access to a list of resident noncitizens maintained by the Homeland Security Department. The Obama administration had denied Florida's request for months but relented after a judge ruled in the state's favor in a related voter-purge matter.

Voting rights groups, while acknowledging that noncitizens have no right to vote, have expressed alarm about using such data for a purpose not originally intended: purging voter lists of ineligible people. They also say voter purges less than four months before a presidential election might leave insufficient time to correct mistakes stemming from faulty data or other problems.

Democrats say that the government's concession is less troubling than some GOP-controlled states' push to require voters to show photo identification.

But Republicans count it as a victory nonetheless in their broad-based fight over voter eligibility, an issue that could play a big role in the White House race. That's especially true in pivotal states such as Florida, Colorado, Nevada and North Carolina.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sad.. Digg Sells for $500,000

It used to be the Reddit and go to news gathering site but once a horrible redesign, how news stories were ranked and it expanded beyond tech stuff, it fell to the wayside.

It didn't help it became a leftist hangout where anything not of its hiveminded members was shot down.

Hell yeah! Berlusconi Plotting a Political Comeback in Italy

More Bongo bongo parties from DA MAN!

The last time Silvio Berlusconi grabbed so much media attention, it was because he had resigned as prime minister. Not eight months later, the front pages of Italian newspapers are emblazoned with headlines that say that Mr. Berlusconi is back and ready to take another stab at Italy’s top elected position.

By popular demand, no less.

According to news reports on Thursday, Mr. Berlusconi, 75, said that he had been persuaded to jump back into the political fray at the urging of Italy’s business and entrepreneurial community.

“Many people ask President Berlusconi to run for election. I am among them,” Angelino Alfano wrote Wednesday on Twitter, referring to Mr. Berlusconi as head of the Peoples of Liberty party. Though Mr. Alfano, 41, is Mr. Berlusconi’s designated heir, he seemed unruffled to have been unceremoniously shoved aside by his mentor. “If he decides to do so, we will all be by his side.”

A member of Mr. Berlusconi’s staff, who was not authorized to speak publicly for attribution, played down the speculation, but did not dismiss it. “Right now, there’s no election, no campaign to run in, but what’s true is that he’s not retired, he’s still in politics, he hasn’t given up,” the staff member said. “It’s impossible to say what he’s running for, because that will depend on the political situation and the various alliances that might be formed; it’s not the time to give details.”

“But he thinks it is necessary to change and reform the institutional architecture of Italy, to allow the next government to do its job,” he said.

NEA and AFT teachers unions give $330 million plus to leftwing groups.

These are the types that are educating your children in the public school system which explains a lot. None of it good.
What do the American Ireland Fund, the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network have in common?

All have received some of the more than $330 million that America's two largest teachers unions spent in the past five years on outside causes, political campaigns, lobbying and issue education.

The contributions—totaling more than $200 million from the National Education Association and more than $130 million from the American Federation of Teachers—were disclosed in annual reports that unions file with the Labor Department detailing their spending on political activities and advocacy work, as well as separate political-action-committee filings.

George Zimmerman a 'busybody' but not racist, FBI report concludes

Pretty much what was said on blogs more than the mainstream media who is still disappointed he wasn't blond hair blue eyes to really push the race angle.
George Zimmerman, the killer of black Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, was a neighbourhood busybody who once called police to complain about children playing in the street, but there was nothing to suggest that he was a racist, according to the FBI.

Federal agents interviewed many of the neighbourhood watch leader's friends, colleagues and family members as part of their civil rights investigation into the 26 February shooting but found nobody who believed Zimmerman, 28, was motivated by racial bias.

Instead, they found that most of the interviewees had a generally favourable opinion of him, with even the lead detective in the case convinced that he pursued Martin through a Sanford gated community because his suspicions were aroused by the teenager's clothes, not because he was black.

The new details come in a second wave of evidence in Zimmerman's second-degree murder case released publicly on Thursday by special prosecutor Angela Corey.

(Pics) What does 24 tons of sardines on a road look like?

Something like this down here.

A dopey truck driver caused caused a enormous traffic jam after he spilled 24 tons of sardines onto the road because he forget to close the back door.

Motorists along the highway near Kolobrzeg, Poland, were held up for hours while workers cleared up the huge trail of fish which had been scattered for several hundred metres along both sides of the road.

'At first we thought it was some sort of divine judgement - like a plague of locusts or frogs,' said one motorist Wladyslaw Nowak, 62.

Read more:

(Video) raw power of piranha's jaws as it slices through stick

I would never go anywhere near a body of water in Latin and South America.

UK: NHS staff routinely forged abortion consent forms,

Not surprising.
The investigators from the Care Quality Commission discovered that staff were routinely forging certificates, largely involving doctors pre-signing consent forms without seeing patients.

In total, 14 NHS hospitals have been formally censured by regulators over potentially illegal abortions.

The 249 inspections were carried out as part of an inquiry ordered by Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, after an investigation by The Daily Telegraph found evidence that the law was being broken.

Under the 1967 Abortion Act, doctors are allowed to carry out a termination if they believe the physical or mental health of a pregnant woman is in jeopardy.

Before carrying out the termination, two doctors must sign a form certifying that they are both “of the opinion, formed in good faith” that to continue the pregnancy would be inappropriate.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Illegal immigrant kills teen girl, newspaper blames out of control SUV.

American media at its finest.

Police said the accident happened about 1 p.m. July 5 when Carlos Viveros-Colorado, 50, was driving east on Third Street and trying to turn left onto Hazelwood Street. He hit a fire hydrant, careened across Hazelwood Street, struck a "no parking" sign and barreled about 50 feet down an embankment.

Grime and her boyfriend, 17-year-old Eduardo Vazquez-Torres, were sitting under a tree when Viveros-Colorado's SUV struck them. Grime died at the scene; Vazquez-Torres suffered minor injuries.

....Alberto Miera, Viveros-Colorado's attorney, has said his client was not turning left but heading straight on Third Street. He was going home from his job at a bakery. His arm and leg went numb, he couldn't move his leg to step on the brake and he panicked, hitting the gas, Miera said.

Viveros-Colorado is undocumented and in the United States illegally, Miera said, and state records show he has never had a Minnesota driver's license.

Grime's family is less concerned about his status as an illegal immigrant, saying that's something officials will deal with. But they are angry that he was driving.

"This is America and if you don't have a driving license, you have another opportunity to catch a bus," Grime's aunt, Meseret Semeani, said.

Grime's family doesn't know whether to believe the story Viveros-Colorado told police about numbness in his leg, but if true, that was more reason he should not have been driving, they said.

Pro abortion woman posts her abortion pictures online.

and the typical feminist sites like Janedough are so proud of her as she demystifies the procedure and complete miss the point of why people are against abortions.

Abortion is the killing of an unborn life for personal, economical or some cases medical. You can show how clean and sterile the place is where you killed the unborn child but it doesn't replace the fact this woman killed an unborn child and then posts pics online as some sort of sick in your face.

Until the pro abortion people can explain away they are not killing an unborn child which they can't, exposes like this just hurt their cause because it shows them as uncaring idiots or monsters.

TJD: What do you think motivated readers’ fascination with your story?

Jane: I wouldn’t put a blanket answer to this question. The readers themselves have been nothing short of diverse, opinionated, impassioned. I think overall, it’s safe to say that the matter of abortion and a woman’s right to choose is one that can elicit intense reaction from any direction.

That being said, gauging from the response I have had from the audience, I think there are a few underlying themes that are noteworthy. There is a sense of desperation in men and women who have singlehandedly or inadvertently experienced abortion to connect and relate to a broader community. has somehow become a space for people to find just that. This audience connects with my story and feels at ease to finally express their story.

People are starving for knowledge and they know it. The issue of abortion is beyond polarized. It’s completely radicalized by the religious and political right. The dead fetus image has become the poster child for these propagandists to push their agenda. However, the public isn’t stupid. They question the legitimacy of such imagery and further feel violated by the irresponsible use of that imagery. The audience has been thankful to have an alternative perspective to what an abortion can look like.

liberals lying about Romney quote over booing at NAACP

Its cute, but taking an excerpt from a pool report that was done in a way to take Romney out of context and then lie saying he wants to bring up the welfare queen stereotype, which take it from me some cases its not one, is just ridiculous.

Liberal Tommy Christopher of Mediaite does this breath taking report.

There has been a lot of speculation today about Mitt Romney‘s motivation for giving a speech to the annual NAACP Convention, and trashing Obamacare in the process. Romney himself said he “expected” to be booed for it, and in remarks first reported on The Rachel Maddow Show tonight, he demonstrated why. According to a pool report from Romney’s Hamilton, Montana fundraiser, he brought up the booing, and told donors “if they (Obamacare supporters) want more stuff from government tell them to go vote for the other guy – more free stuff. But don’t forget nothing is really free.”

The quote is so tone-deaf, and such a naked appeal to the “welfare queen” brand of racial and class resentment, that it’s almost hard to believe it’s real.

Its not.

Actual speech.
“By the way, I had the privelege of speaking today at the NAACP convention in Houston and I gave them the same speech I am giving you. I don’t give different speeches to different audiences alright.

I gave them the same speech. When I mentioned I am going to get rid of Obamacare they weren’t happy, I didn’t get the same response. That’s ok, I want people to know what I stand for and if I don’t stand for what they want, go vote for someone else, that’s just fine.

But I hope people understand this, your friends who like Obamacare, you remind them of this, if they want more stuff from government tell them to go vote for the other guy-more free stuff. But don’t forget nothing is really free. it has to paid for by people in the private sector creating goods and services, and if people want jobs more than they want free stuff from government, then they are going to have to get government to be smaller.

And if they don’t want to repeal Obamacare they are going to have to give me some other stuff they are thinking about cutting, but my list takes Obamacare off first and I have a lot of other things I am thinking of cutting.”

Let me be clear on my part, I believe the NAACP as it stands now has less to do about enpowering black people than it is getting free stuff, but in Romney's case to trot out that he was dog whistling is just ridiculous and paranoid.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

San Bernardino becomes third California city to seek bankruptcy

At least California has that high speed rail right???
The city council of San Bernardino, California, voted on Tuesday night to file for bankruptcy, marking the third time in recent weeks a city in the most populous U.S. state has opted to seek protection from its creditors.

The decision by the leaders of San Bernardino, a city of about 210,000 residents approximately 65 miles east of Los Angeles, followed a report by city staff that projected city spending would exceed revenue by $45 million in the current fiscal year.

City staff during a webcast of the city council meeting said that Chapter 9 bankruptcy would give San Bernardino an opportunity to restructure its battered finances.

San Bernardino will join the California communities of Stockton and Mammoth Lakes in bankruptcy court.

Obama shutting down border patrol stations in Texas.

Amazing that after he gave amnesty to young latinos he then turns around to shut down border enforcement along critical illegal immigrant entrance points.

The Obama administration is moving to shut down nine Border Patrol stations across four states, triggering a backlash from local law enforcement, members of Congress and Border Patrol agents themselves.

Critics of the move warn the closures will undercut efforts to intercept drug and human traffickers in well-traveled corridors north of the U.S.-Mexico border. Though the affected stations are scattered throughout northern and central Texas, and three other states, the coverage areas still see plenty of illegal immigrant activity -- one soon-to-be-shuttered station in Amarillo, Texas, is right in the middle of the I-40 corridor; another in Riverside, Calif., is outside Los Angeles.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection says it's closing the stations in order to reassign agents to high-priority areas closer to the border.

"These deactivations are consistent with the strategic goal of securing America's borders, and our objective of increasing and sustaining the certainty of arrest of those trying to enter our country illegally," CBP spokesman Bill Brooks said in a statement. "By redeploying and reallocating resources at or near the border, CBP will maximize the effectiveness of its enforcement mandate and align our investments with our mission."

But at least one Border Patrol supervisor in Texas has called on local officers to "voice your concerns" to elected officials, warning that the "deactivation" will remove agents from the Texas Panhandle, among other places. Several members of Congress have asked Border Patrol Chief Michael Fisher to reconsider the plan. And local officials are getting worried about what will happen once the Border Patrol leaves town, since they rely on those federal officials to assist in making immigration arrests.

"It could impact us tremendously since we've only got two agents up here now for 26 counties," Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas told

(WSJ) Tattoos stop some immigrants green cards.

A clue, if you have tattoos that can be easily checked with having jail time and/or gangs, you should never become a legal resident. The excuse used in this article that the guy just likes tattoos is ridiculous. No One in their right mind is going to ink themselves and not be associated with gangs, the danger to yourself to be mistaken as a member is too much.

In December, Hector Villalobos traveled from Colorado to his native Mexico for an interview, part of his application for U.S. permanent residency. Mr. Villalobos expected to be gone a couple of months to complete the process.

Seven months later, U.S. consular officers haven't allowed the 37-year-old handyman to return home to his wife and three children. The problem: tattoos—some associated with violent Mexican gangs—on Mr. Villalobos's body.

"He likes tattoos, just like many Americans like tattoos" said Veronica, his American wife of six years, who says her husband isn't affiliated with any criminal organization. Mr. Villalobos says he got his tattoos—some in Mexico, some in the U.S.—because he thought they were cool.

In recent years, immigration attorneys say, concern about foreign gangs entering the U.S. has prompted Washington to delay or deny green cards, or legal permanent residency, to some applicants with tattoos.

The tattoo checks have ensnared scores of immigrants—mostly from Latin America—even though they have no criminal conviction. The denials are based on a section of immigration law that justifies "inadmissibility" on national-security grounds, including possible affiliation with criminal organizations.

In the fiscal year ended September 2006, the State Department refused immigrant visas to only two people it had "reason to believe" sought to "solely, principally or incidentally" engage in organized crime. In fiscal 2010, the latest year available, the number had jumped to 82 people.

The presence of tattoos isn't enough to deny an application, according to a spokeswoman for the State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs. She said "more attention has been paid to tattoos as indicators of a gang affiliation during the visa process" as law enforcement has better understood the relationship between "certain tattoos" and gangs. The department doesn't comment on individual cases, she said.

Lawyers and criminologists say many tattoos causing trouble for immigrants symbolize gang membership but have been adopted by the wider public. One familiar design: a pair of theatrical masks, known as "Smile Now, Cry Later," which Mr. Villalobos has.

"If you are sporting a gang tattoo, it is reasonable for a consular officer to investigate if you have gang affiliations," said Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a group that favors curbing immigration to the U.S., adding, "Our government is competent to make these decisions."

Stop-and-Frisk in NYC May Soon Hit Judicial Roadblocks

Fine, As I said before NYPD should just stop the program in high crimes area and just step back and let the crime shoot up while people bitch and moan. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

J.C. Penney lays off 350 workers, shares fall

Their horrible new pricing scheme turned people off, their gay advertising turned some other people off so from a business and social angle, they screwed up royally. But the major part was the new pricing scheme that didn't show the shoppers they were getting a better deal than before or show people clearly where the bargains could be bought.
Penney shares soared last winter after Johnson laid out a new pricing strategy; they hit a peak of $43.13 on Feb. 9, but have since lost half their value.

The company's shares were down another 5% on Tuesday, as investors worry that a sales slump is deepening amid continued customer confusion over its new pricing plan that eliminates hundreds of sales events in favor of everyday prices. A deteriorating economic environment is also adding to the woes of the chain.

The cuts, announced Tuesday, follow Penney's (JCP) move in April to eliminate 600 workers at its headquarters.

"A combination of poor messaging, tampering with the merchandise flow and a slowing of the overall economic environment seem to have contributed to the current state of business," wrote Credit Suisse retail analyst Michael Exstein in a report published Tuesday.

Penney is cutting costs amid the difficult task of turning around its business. It is overhauling every aspect of its operations, from a new pricing plan, implemented Feb. 1, to new brands. The new pricing plan, which cuts hundreds of sales events, has turned off shoppers. The company reported a bigger-than-expected loss and a 20% drop in revenue in the first quarter.

Mali Islamists destroy tombs at famous Timbuktu mosque

Sad that such history is being destroyed
Islamist militants destroyed two tombs on Tuesday at the famous 14th century Djingareyber mosque in Timbuktu, classified by UNESCO as a world heritage site, residents said.

About a dozen militants arrived in an armored four-wheel drive truck, armed with pickaxes and hoes. They fired in the air to intimidate people and started smashing the tombs, said Ibrahim Cisse, who witnessed the scene.

"They blocked the two main roads leading to the mausoleums. When they saw people gathering for a ceremony nearby, they began firing shots in the air," said another resident, Mahamad ould Ibrahim.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Of Course: Eric Holder vows to aggressively challenge voter ID laws

This nonsense that minority voters can't get a hold of ids and its the same as a poll tax shows how political Holder has the DoJ instead of enforcing the laws. There is zero argument that a person other than white will have a difficult time on par with a poll tax in getting an id.
Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on Tuesday vowed to be “aggressive” in challenging voting laws that restrict minority rights, using a speech in Texas to make his case on the same day a federal court was considering the legality of the state’s new voter ID legislation.

“Let me be clear: We will not allow political pretexts to disenfranchise American citizens of their most precious rights,” Holder said in the speech to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. “I can assure you that the Justice Department’s efforts to uphold and enforce voting rights will remain aggressive.”

Holder received a standing ovation as the Houston crowd chanted “Stand your ground!” and “Holder, Holder!” But the attorney general’s remarks drew sharp criticism from Republican lawmakers, who characterized the speech as a political tactic aimed at bolstering President Obama’s reelection prospects.

“It’s very telling that instead of making legal arguments in front of the court, the attorney general is making political speeches more than a thousand miles way,” said Lucy Nashed, a spokeswoman for Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R).

The controversy over voting rights is playing out against the backdrop of a growing national debate over the issue. A three-judge panel of the U.S. District Court in Washington is hearing arguments this week on the Texas’s voter ID law, which requires voters to show a photo ID before being allowed to cast their ballots.

The Justice Department in March blocked the Texas law, which was signed by Perry in May 2011, contending that it would violate the 1965 Voting Rights Act and disproportionately harm Hispanic voters.

Buyers shun plug-in electric cars yet embrace hybrids

The reason is simple, pure Plug ins are not practical or cheap enough to justify buying them against hybrids or gas cars.

Even as sales of hybrids soar, pure electric vehicles are still struggling.

Sales of the all-electric Nissan Leaf, which can travel about 75 miles on a single overnight charge, plummeted 69% in June from a year earlier. Meanwhile, sales of various models of Toyota Prius hybrids are selling as fast as the automaker can ship them.

The Chevrolet Volt still isn't an overwhelming success, but sales for the first half of 2012 more than tripled from a year ago to 8,817. Volt is an "extended-range" electric -- about 38 miles on batteries, another 200 to 300 after the gasoline engine kicks in and runs a battery charger. Or you can stop and plug it in, as with other electrics.

"I can't grasp the concept of driving 20 or 30 miles, or whatever the range is on the car, and then having to plug in again," said Dennis Barrera, sales manager at Suburban Toyota in Troy, Mich., where the standard Prius hybrid is "still the most asked-about car (among shoppers) walking through the door."

Ouch.. RIM's corporate customers moving to iOS, Android

After the delay of Blackberry 10, who can blame them. Blackberry 10 has to meet up with Android and iOS to have any chance for RIM to survive.
Corporate clients, the cornerstone of RIM’s customer base in several key markets, are making plans to jump ship after the delay of the new BlackBerry 10 operating system, Bloomberg reports. Robert Cockerill, the head of infrastructure at the London-based Thames River Capital UK, tells Bloomberg that the latest delay of BlackBerry 10 prompted him to hire MobileIron, a mobile device management company that helps business users keep their data secure on iPhones and Android devices. The report says the move makes sense for Cockerill since he expects “much of his staff” to switch to iOS or Android.

Spain's banks gets $30 billion Euros

Bailouts and more bailouts to cover the weakness of certain countries will not make it better.

Eurozone finance ministers have agreed to offer Spain 30bn euros (£24bn; $37bn) to help its troubled banks.

After nine hours of emergency talks in Brussels, the ministers said the money would be available by the end of July.

It was also agreed that a 2013 deadline for Spain to cut its budget deficit to the EU limit of 3% could be extended by one year.

There have been fears that Spain's troubled banks could lead the country to ask for a full state bailout.

Eurozone countries agreed in June to lend up to 100bn euros ($125bn; £80bn) to support Spain's banks.

The yield on Spanish bonds rose sharply on Monday ahead of the meeting, with many fearing that little concrete action on Spanish banks would be reached.

Thousands of Baby leatherback turtles die in Trinidad.

I am not surprised the public works division screwed up. This is Trindad where if anything goes right and on time with a public works crew it was some other country's public works crew.

Thousands of leatherback turtle eggs and hatchlings have been crushed by heavy machinery along a Trinidad beach widely regarded as the world's densest nesting area for the biggest of all living sea turtles, conservationists said on Monday.

Government work crews with bulldozers were redirecting the Grand Riviere, a shifting river that was threatening a hotel where tourists from around the globe watch the huge endangered turtles lay their eggs. But several conservationists who monitor turtle populations say the crews botched the job, digging up an unnecessarily large swath of the important nesting beach in the tiny coastal town on Trinidad's northern shore.

Sherwin Reyz, a member of the Grand Riviere Environmental Organisation, estimated that as many as 20,000 eggs were crushed or consumed by the scores of vultures and stray dogs that descended upon the narrow strip of beach to eat the remains after the operation by the ministry of works on Saturday.

"They had a very good meal. I was near tears," said Reyz, who helped save hundreds of uninjured hatchlings dredged up by the heavy machinery. "It was a disgusting mess."

Britain's youngest mother insists getting pregnant at 12 was awesome!!

People, Great Britain once ruled the world and the sun never set on the British Empire. Now this is their pride and joy, a welfare queen on benefits happy she can stick her kids with her mother while she goes clubbin. God save the Queen.

A woman who became Britain's youngest mother after a one night stand at the age of 12 says she had no regrets about becoming a teen mum.

In fact, Amy Crowhurst advocates having children early as she admits that at the age of 22 she now has 'the freedom to meet mates and go clubbing when my mum babysits.'

Amy, who is on benefits and lives in a council house, told this week's Closer magazine: 'Having kids young was the smartest thing I ever did.'

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Marines Experiment That Could Put Women in More Combat Jobs

As long as they don't dumb down the standards, I don't have a problem with women trying to do the job. I just don't want any part of the military to suffer from political correctness and screw themselves just so they can show how "diverse" They are.

Last week, the Marine Corps began what may prove to be the last male-only iteration of its Infantry Officer Course. The course, which screens and prepares young officers to lead infantry platoons, is generally regarded as the corps’ most physically and mentally demanding. It has never been a secret, but it has always been secluded, largely kept from public view — even from the view of officers who are assigned to the Marine Corps’ many noninfantry jobs. It graduates roughly 300 students each year, all of them men.

The New York Times was allowed to observe the latest course’s first screening test on the condition that the test’s standards and chronology not be disclosed, and that one particular event in the test’s many sequences not be photographed. The resulting report, with photographs, is here

How will the experiment fare? No one can say. No one knows how many women will turn up. The Marine Corps insists that the standards for coed Infantry Officer Course classes will be exactly the same as the standards for male Infantry Officer Course classes, and that things will fall where they may. Because there are so many unknowns, no one can say much beyond that. Female and male students will be told to do the same things, and required to pass the same tests. The backpacks will weigh the same, the distances moved will be the same, the hand-to-hand combat training will be the same. There will be no changes to the curriculum, no dispensations, no separate grading systems and scoring charts, the course’s supervisors say.

The standards have been based, the Marine Corps says, not only on the known perils of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the skills required to fight in those wars. They reach back further, to fights in which entire Marine rifle companies were nearly wiped out, in battles they eventually won. These battles — Peleliu, Iwo Jima and Okinawa among them — powerfully inform the baseline of how the Marine Corps sees itself, and what it expects of its grunts. And the Marine Corps is blunt about how it seeks to choose the lieutenants who could lead its next infantry fights. Talk of counterinsurgency doctrine, which for several recent years dominated conversations about American conventional units and could make rifle company commanders sound like social service providers, was noticeably absent throughout the first test. What the corps regards as its infantry’s original, basic and recurring job was in full view, without euphemism or apology.

Scranton, Pa., cuts Its Workers' Pay to $7.25 an hour

When you have no money, you have to cut, something that doesn't seem to dawn on lawmakers or union workers yet.

City workers in Scranton, Pa., had to be surprised on Friday—when their wages dropped to just $7.25 an hour, the state's minimum wage. But Mayor Chris Doherty says that's all Scranton can afford. "I'm trying to do the best I can with the limited amount of funds that I have," he tells NPR. "Our people work hard—our police and fire—I just don't have enough money and I can't print it in the basement."

Scranton's financial woes date back to World War II, when the city population began dropping, but now officials are clashing over a $16.8 million budget gap. Doherty (who cut his own pay to $7.25 an hour, too) wants to raise taxes, while city councilors want to borrow the money. Meanwhile, city coffers dropped to just $5,000 after the last paychecks went out. And unions are planning to fight the wage decrease in court tomorrow. "Don't know how I'm going to pay bills at home," said one firefighter. "I may be able to stave it off for a little while."

Australia's Mining Boom Covers Troubles Elsewhere

The only thing holding up the country is an industry despised by the leftists in power who want to shut it down with carbon taxes. Amusing.

Australia's economy, driven by a booming mining sector, is among the fastest-growing in the developed world. It has the enviable combination of low unemployment and little debt.

Yet its central bank has cut interest rates. The reason: Nearly every part of the economy outside mining is struggling, and there is fear among some small businesses and economists that if China stops gobbling up its coal and iron ore, the remainder of the economy would be too weak to pick up the slack.

The central bank is hoping to give the rest of the economy a boost. Since November, the Reserve Bank of Australia has cut rates by 1.25 percentage points to 3.5%, even as first-quarter gross domestic product grew 4.3%, its quickest pace in more than four years.

The risk is that Australia will become so dependent on mining that weakened demand could lead to recession. Mining accounts for about 7% of the economy, nearly double its share in 2000, official figures show.

"The tipping point is once large projects start to be postponed," said Andy Xie, an independent Shanghai-based economist and adviser to several Chinese banks.

Italy PM: include non-euro states in European integration

This is the Euro version of Obamacare for countries, we need more in there to buffer the ones who are dragging down the EU.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti said on Sunday that European integration should not only be based on the countries sharing the euro currency, but should also include other EU members such as Britain and Poland.

"I'm a bit uncertain whether we should really try to pursue a more cohesive European economic and political process simply based on the euro zone," Monti told a conference in Aix-en-Provence, in southern France.

"I know in France that is a widely held view, but I have reservations. It would be best not to isolate ourselves too much from the other parts of the European Union," he said.

Pakistan shuns physicist linked to 'God particle'

Horrible that this great man is being treated like garbage because of stone age thinking and backward hicks.

The pioneering work of Abdus Salam, Pakistan's only Nobel laureate, helped lead to the apparent discovery of the subatomic "God particle" last week. But the late physicist is no hero at home, where his name has been stricken from school textbooks.

Praise within Pakistan for Salam, who also guided the early stages of the country's nuclear program, faded decades ago as Muslim fundamentalists gained power. He belonged to the Ahmadi sect, which has been persecuted by the government and targeted by Taliban militants who view its members as heretics.

Their plight — along with that of Pakistan's other religious minorities, such as Shiite Muslims, Christians and Hindus — has deepened in recent years as hardline interpretations of Islam have gained ground and militants have stepped up attacks against groups they oppose. Most Pakistanis are Sunni Muslims.

Harvard's Vanidy “Van” Bailey forces dumb correction in paper

This is what people go to Harvard for six figures?

Harvard has appointed Vanidy “Van” Bailey as the College’s first permanent director of bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender, and queer student life. Bailey, the assistant director for education at the University of California, San Diego, will assume the new position on July 16.

Last April, Dean of the College Evelynn M. Hammonds announced her intention to hire a full-time staffer dedicated to serving the BGLTQ community on campus.

In a statement to students, Hammonds said that the decision was based on recommendations made by the BGLTQ Working Group, which she created in October 2010 to evaluate BGLTQ experiences and needs at the College.

So its your typical blah blah gay appointment hooray hurray blah blah stuff you see from colleges these days to show how inclusive and wonderful they are to a small minority. But then comes the correction at the end.


An earlier version of this article used the pronoun "she" to refer to Vanidy "Van" Bailey, the newly appointed director of bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender, and queer student life. In fact, Bailey prefers not to be referred to by any gendered pronoun.

Vanidy “Van” Bailey, let me explain this simple fact of life, your preferences ends when it starts to interfere with the proper use of words because you have some hangup being referred to as a he or a she or he/she whatever.

I guess the proper term will be now "it?" You are dumb, go away.