Saturday, September 15, 2012

Conservatives/GOP need to stop whining about the media.

and actually do something about it because if by now you don't know the press are Obama lovers and will do anything for him to win reelection, you are hopeless.

Hit them just like you would Hollywood actors and actresses, the bottom line. Boycott their papers/networks/ anything that will give them a living.

Liberal Madison Judge throws out Wisconsin's ACT 10 law

Another liberal judge making up laws to justify raping the taxpayers to pay public unions.

Gov. Scott Walker's law repealing most collective bargaining for local and school employees was struck down by a Dane County judge Friday, yet another dramatic twist in a year and a half saga that likely sets up another showdown in the Supreme Court.

The law remains largely in force for state workers, but for city, county and school workers the decision by Dane County Judge Juan Colas returns the law to its status before Walker signed the legislation in March 2011.

Colas ruled that the law violated workers' constitutional rights to free speech, free association and equal representation under the law by capping union workers' raises but not those of their nonunion counterparts. The judge also ruled that the law violated the "home rule" clause of the state constitution by setting the contribution for City of Milwaukee employees to the city pension system rather than leaving it to the city and workers.

Under Walker's law, both state and local governments were prohibited from bargaining with their workers over anything besides a cost-of-living salary adjustment. Other issues, such as health benefits, pensions, workplace safety and other work rules, were strictly off limits.

For local workers, all those issues can now be bargained. The ruling also restored local unions' ability to reach so-called fair share deals that require all workers within a given bargaining unit to pay union dues, even if they choose not to join.

The ruling also appeared to strike down for local workers a requirement that they pay half of the contribution to their pensions and, for workers within the state of Wisconsin health insurance system, pay at least 12% of their premiums. Those cost savings have been crucial for local governments and schools in dealing with the more than $1 billion in cuts in state aid over two years that Walker and GOP lawmakers passed last year to close a state budget hole.

In his decision, Colas noted that the law limited union workers to cost-of-living salary increases through bargaining while other employees were free to seek larger raises. Colas said the state lacked a reasonable basis for making that distinction.

Colas also noted that the law grouped workers into different classes, since local police and firefighters kept all their bargaining rights under the law but other workers did not. In making these distinctions, the law ultimately infringed on workers' rights to associate with one another freely and to be treated the same way under the law, the judge found.

The home rule section of the constitution states that the state can only pass laws that uniformly affect cities and villages. Colas found that the law violated that part of the constitution by prohibiting the City of Milwaukee from paying the employees' share of their pension contributions.

Colas ruled against the plaintiffs on two of their claims, saying that Act 10 did not violate the constitution provisions on special legislative sessions and did not violate a prohibition against taking property without due process.

Muslims in Australia hold up ‘BEHEAD ALL THOSE WHO INSULT THE PROPHET’signs.

How...not shocking.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Obama agrees with Romney, you can criticize Islam


President Barack Obama used Air Force One to conduct a policy loop-de-loop Wednesday, asserting in a CBS interview that he supports Americans’ right to criticize Islam, following almost 18 hours of determined condemnation from Team Romney and damaging news from Egypt and Libya.

“We believe in the First Amendment,” Obama told CBS’s Steve Kroft during an interview arranged days earlier.

“It is one of the hallmarks of our Constitution that I’m sworn to uphold, and so we are always going to uphold the rights for individuals to speak their mind,” he said, according to a transcript narrated by White House spokesman Jay Carney.

The transcript was released several hours after Obama had a Rose garden statement to condemn criticism of Islam.

US: No More Deportation Flights to Mexico for illegals

Since Big Sis and Obama have pretty much stopped enforcing illegal immigration laws, why bother with the program.
The US Border Patrol is ditching a program that offered illegal Mexican immigrants a free ride home, having sent 125,000 people back to Mexico since 2004. While the agency called it effective, it was also expensive—to the tune of $100 million—and recently, there have been too few illegal immigrants arrested to make it worthwhile. "Everything comes down to dollars and cents," says a Border Patrol official. "We're running into a more budget-conscious society."

Right now, Border Patrol arrests are at their lowest in 40 years, the AP notes, and more people appear to be heading to Mexico than entering the US. The program, exclusive to Arizona, was intended to help save lives; many entering the US died while making their way through desert heat. And by taking migrants far into Mexico, it also aimed to reduce the likelihood of their return. While it won't come back this year, the program could be restarted in the future. In the meantime, however, the Border Patrol is using buses—and sending 70 people per day to a Tucson court for potential imprisonment.

Obama's amnesty: First Batch Of Young Illegal Immigrants Approved

I am sure the background check for a program less than a month old was top notch.
Just three week after the Obama administration started accepting applications from young illegal immigrants seeking to avoid deportation and get a work permit, the government already has approved some of the roughly 72,000 applications the government has received.

The Homeland Security Department said Tuesday that a small group of applications has been approved and those immigrants are being notified this week about the decision. The department did not say how many applications had been approved.

The first wave of approvals comes months head of DHS’ own internal estimates of how long the application process for the administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program could take — and less than 60 days before the Nov. 6 elections. According to an internal DHS document obtained by The Associated Press, the department’s Citizenship and Immigration Services had estimated that each application could take several months to be completed.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hollywood director supports incest, links it to gays.

Hollywood is just a den of people who want to do everything that feels good and not have anyone judge them. But anyone seeing the slippery slope being pushed? First it was Gawker being sorry for pedophiles because they were just born that way and now this director says incest is fine because people were born that way as well.

Same argument to push gays into the mainstream which no doubt will make many gays unhappy being linked up with these two subjects

In an interview with The Wrap, Cassavetes defended the incest plot, saying,

“I have no experience with incest. … We had heard a few stories where brothers and sisters were completely, absolutely in love with one another. You know what? This whole movie is about judgment, and lack of it, and doing what you want. Who gives a sh-t if people judge you? I’m not saying this is an absolute but in a way, if you’re not having kids — who gives a damn? Love who you want. Isn’t that what we say? Gay marriage — love who you want? If it’s your brother or sister it’s super-weird, but if you look at it, you’re not hurting anybody except every single person who freaks out because you’re in love with one another.”

What is more terrifying is reading the Entertainment weekly commentators who are supporting this sick fuck.

Topaz| 7 hours ago Collapse

That's the point Cassavetes is making - if they're not having children, then what's the problem? Then again, even if they are having children, you wouldn't respond with disgust to someone who carries a gene that is likely to result in disability in their children having kids with someone who isn't their sibling.

We don't conduct eugenics on every person who has a history of genetic disability in their family and legally ban them from having children with anyone else who also carries the gene. We don't prevent blind or deaf people with a genetic basis in their disability from having children together. We accept that it's their choice to make.

We need to get to grips with the fact that our instinctive disgust at the idea of incest has no basis in reality. It's not a slippery slope. It won't result in the majority of people having relationships with their brothers or sisters. If that was the case they'd be doing it now, regardless of the law. Just as homosexuality was just as prevalent when it was illegal as it is now, the only difference in the past being a much higher level of misery among...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

France's Hollande vows to raise taxes, people start to flee.

This will be joyous to watch this clown fail miserably.

  • Hollande tax hikes hitting Paris luxury home prices
    7:03 pm - Reuters
  • France's Hollande vows to revive economy in two years
    7:03 pm - Reuters

  • Hollande said last week that by holding state spending steady next year in nominal terms, excluding debt servicing and pension payments, his government would save 10 billion euros in inflation-adjusted terms.

    However, that would amount to just one third of the more than 30 billion euros in savings which Hollande says are needed to hit next year's deficit target and stay on course to balance the budget by the end of his five-year mandate.

    With his government refusing to cut staffing levels, the bulk of the adjustment will have to come from tax rises.

    He said the remaining 20 billion euros would come from tax hikes on companies and wealthier households.

    "It's a considerable effort, it's never been done in the history of the Vth Republic, but it's my responsibility," he said.

    Hollande said he expected unemployment, which is at 13 year highs, to begin to fall within a year as his proposals to create 80,000 subsidized jobs and to hire 60,000 people in the education sector as well as a so-called "generation contract" to encourage companies to hire young workers kicks in.

    Now if the French people were smart they would realize that subsidized jobs is basically their tax money funding useless jobs. But they are not because they think well its just the rich people. Who are now leaving.

    Upmarket house prices in Paris reversed two years' growth in the first half of 2012, falling 3.4 percent on lower demand among well-heeled Parisians looking to flee France's rising taxes, property agent Savills (SVS.L) said on Monday.

    The decline in Paris came as prices rose in rival financial centers London and New York, 2.8 percent and 1.1 percent respectively, with the Big Apple seeing a world record price for an apartment, Savills said in a report on major cities.

    "Paris is the biggest loser of 2012," Savills said, citing uncertainty around the future of the euro zone as another reason for the decline.

    Obama's America : 173,000 New Food Stamp Recipients, 96,000 New Jobs

    This is why he will win in November because Obama has been successful in making people fear the mean ole Republicans will take away their free stuff.

    Sun Sentinel cheers Section 8 users in nicer areas.

    Of course the race card is used to attack those who rightly point out that having sectio 8 users in their areas will bring down the value of the home and the people for the most part in my experience are not good neighbors.

    Add to the fact the culture of dependency that you make poor people have that they can have taxpayers pay over $2000+ for their rent while they pay nothing keeps the poor from trying to better themselves in the long run, especially as the Sentinel uses as an example a single woman with NINE children.

    After a single mother and her nine children rented a house in the exclusive Isles neighborhood of Coral Springs, the homeowners association adopted an amendment to its governing documents stating: "No Section 8 or government leasing assistance is permitted."

    The association is threatening eviction.

    Federal law does not expressly outlaw such bans. But the prohibition can't be used as a pretext for other illegal acts, such as denying housing to people because of their race, gender, national origin, disability or number of children.

    The owner of the Coral Springs house, Henri-Claude Marcellus, has hired a lawyer to challenge the restriction, claiming his mostly white neighbors are discriminating against him because he is Haitian and his tenants are African-American.

    A retired software engineer, real estate investor and radio show host, Marcellus said he confronted the association's officers, demanding to know: "What do you have against blacks?"

    "I hit a very sensitive nerve," he said in a recent interview.

    The association's lawyer and directors did not respond to requests for comment.

    The Sun Sentinel examined federal housing subsidy data from housing authorities in Broward and Palm Beach counties and found 230 homes commanding rents of $2,000 or more, up to $3,375 a month, from Section 8 families. Typically, tenants pay about one-third of their income toward the rent and the government pays the rest.

    Most of the homes were basic, modest-looking residences in unassuming neighborhoods. But about a dozen were far grander, upscale houses concentrated in Broward County's western suburbs, including Coral Springs, Miramar and Cooper City, where one six-bedroom rental is worth $500,000.

    Here is the logical disconnect, if you are using section 8, then you can't be put in an area that is already out of your income level and you have no hope of keeping up with others around you.

    Generally, the larger the family and the more bedrooms in a house, the larger the payment voucher. Federal rules require the homes have at least one bedroom for every two people in the household. (Living rooms and even garages with windows can qualify as bedrooms in some cases.)

    The Sun Sentinel found the house costing the most per month, $3,375, was not lavish, however, but was a weathered, seven-bedroom home in a bleak Pompano Beach neighborhood. Government housing records show 17 people lived in the home but a March police report put the figure at "about 22."

    The woman renting the house told police she had 12 children and also grandchildren in the home.

    "The house is dirty and the carpets are extremely nasty," a Broward Sheriff's Office report states. "There is hardly any food in the fridge … Out of the seven bedrooms only four of them have mattresses in them. Some children sleep on the couches in the living room and some sleep with their older siblings in the same bed."

    The family was evicted in August for not paying their portion of the rent: $1,426 a month.

    Yeah, the salt of the earth we are dealing with here.

    Gawker feels sorry for pedophiles, like Gays they were born this way.

    Not surprising that a liberal site would have a sympathetic take on sick human beings who want to have sex with children. But as you see in the comments, about half of gawker readership now feel enlightened that these people are just "born this way" and are more understanding.

    Just like to point out the born this way argument also helped to push gays into the mainstream as one of the arguments why they should not be treated any differently. Seeing the same argument pushed by Gawker towards child rapists should piss off the gays.

    France sends 205 extra Police to Marseille to stop violence.

    No descriptions but gang violence and no go area talk screams northern african gangs.
    French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault on Thursday announced beefed up security with 205 extra police to tackle deadly gang violence in Marseille following a wave of underworld shootings.

    Ayrault, who presided over an inter-ministerial panel to discuss fighting crime in the gritty southern port city, said he wanted Marseille to shed its crime-ridden image and "become a great European metropolis."

    He said its "destiny" was a "matter of national interest." Ayrault also said he would visit Marseille on Monday and Tuesday.

    He also announced the creation of a new security zone in the city's southern quarters and pledged "new legal directives" and "strengthened penitentiary administration."

    The Mediterranean port, long known as a hotbed of crime, has been struck by a wave of shootings with assault rifles in turf wars over the lucrative illegal drug trade.

    A district mayor had urged the government to take drastic steps, even appealing for the army to be sent in, but the call was rejected quickly by senior officials.

    The leading CGT trade union also says the city of some 850,000 residents has also been wracked by high unemployment and inadequate social housing.