Saturday, November 10, 2012

Papa Johns Will Reduce Workers' Hours In Response To Obamacare

Elections have consequences bitches.
In the wake of President Obama's reelection, one CEO is doubling down on his criticisms of Obamacare.

Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter said he plans on passing the costs of health care reform to his business onto his workers. Schnatter said he will likely reduce workers’ hours, as a result of President Obama's reelection, the Naples News reports. Schnatter made headlines over the summer when he told shareholders that the cost of a Papa John’s pizza will increase by between 11 and 14 cents due to Obamacare.

"I got in a bunch of trouble for this," he said, referring to the comments he made in August, according to Naples News. "That's what you do, is you pass on costs. Unfortunately, I don't think people know what they're going to pay for this."

Kathleen Parker whiny bitching about Romney losing is stupid.

Its people like Kathleen Parker and Frum who have zero clue on how to win elections in today's environment but they like getting invited to the cocktails party so they dump on the base.

The truth is, Romney was better than the GOP deserved. Party nitwits undermined him, and the self-righteous tried to bring him down. The nitwits are well-enough known at this point — those farthest-right social conservatives who couldn’t find it in their hearts to keep their traps shut. No abortion for rape or incest? Sit down. Legitimate rape? Put on your clown suit and go play in the street.

Equally damaging were the primary leeches who embarrassed the party and wouldn’t leave the stage. Nine-nine-nine, we’re talking about you, Herman Cain. And Gov. Oops? You, too. And then there were Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann, who never had a real shot at the nomination and certainly could never win a national election, yet they refused to surrender to the certain nominee.

Did they have a right to persist in their own fantasies? Sure. But not if they were serious about getting a Republican in the White House. Thus, for months and months, Romney had to spend his energy and, as important, his money to prevail in the primaries against opponents who had no chance and who ultimately hurt him. During that same precious time, Obama’s campaign was busy pinpointing specific voters, practically learning the names of their dogs, and buying ads in niche markets.

If anyone thinks that the reason why Romney lost is because of social cons or two idiot candidates, you are wrong. Romney was the best out of shitty bunch of candidates. If you can't get out of a primary and not have the ability to shake it off, you aren't the best choice.

If you come out of the primary and get attacked for two months while you let you advisers tell you not to worry till autumn, you aren't the best choice.

If your GOTV software was junk and destroyed any chance of last minute votes, you aren't the best choice.

If Kathleen Parker thinks that a moderate GOP candidate can go up against a liberal DEM and win by pissing on the base, trying to get moderate without outlefting the DEM candidate, then you're an idiot and that candidate wouldn't be the best choice.

Parker and other establishment GOPs are the ones living in a fantasy world where their methods have any chance of success. It never has and never will work.

New York considers Closed Jail for Hurricane Sandy victims.

or think of it as a gated community.
They want them to go from no house to the Big House.

The state is eyeing the recently shuttered Arthur Kill Correctional Facility on Staten Island as a temporary home for people displaced by the ravages of Sandy and this week’s nasty nor’easter, officials said yesterday.

Closed last December, the medium-security prison could feed and sleep as many as 900 people with nowhere else to go.

“Our facilities staff have to go through it to determine what it would take to get it up and running for such a purpose,” said Peter Cutler, a spokesman for the state Department of Corrections.

Food stamp usage hit new record: 47.1 Million

Obama voters?

The number of course is that showing how many Americans are on foodstamps, and usually is released at the end of the month, or the first day or two of the next month. This time the USDA delayed its release nine days past the semi-official deadline, far past the election, and until Friday night to report August foodstamp data. One glance at the number reveals why: at 47.1 million, this was not only a new all time record, but the monthly increase of 420,947 from July was the biggest monthly increase in one year. One can see why a reported surge in foodstamps ahead of the elections is something the USDA, and the administration may not have been too keen on disclosing.

Aaron Sorkin hosts Matt Damon's anti fracking movie

The one financed with Arab Oil Money but no conflict of interest there with trying to destroy an American industry.

Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin hosted a special advance screening of Gus Van Sant's Promised Land on Saturday night at the SoHo House in Los Angeles. Among the celebs who turned out to see the Matt Damon anti-fracking drama were Demi Moore, Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston, who reportedly cornered co-producer/co-writer John Krasinski after the film ended to gush about it. Focus Features has not yet screened Promised Land for journalists but presumably will soon since it will be released in theaters Dec. 28.

Jesse Jackson Jr to resign and go to jail.

The mentally challenged people who voted him back into office, Congrats on that feat to make yourselves look foolish. SOUTH SIDE!!!

A former U.S. attorney representing embattled Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is negotiating a plea deal with the federal government, CBS 2 has learned.

CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine has the exclusive details.

The plea deal would end Jackson’s 17-year career as a congressman representing Chicago’s South Side and suburbs.

At the center of negotiations is white-collar criminal defense attorney Dan Webb, who served as Chicago’s top federal prosecutor in the 1980s, when several Cook County judges were indicted for public corruption under the “Operation Greylord” investigation.

Webb, the chairman of Winston & Strawn LLP in Chicago, has been the point person for Jackson in talks with the U.S. Justice Department in Washington.

The tentative deal includes:

–Jackson resigning for health reasons.

–His pleading guilty to charges involving misuse of campaign funds.

–The congressman’s repayment of any contributions that were converted to personal use, such as home furnishings, improper travel or gifts.

The Guardian's Children behind bars feature makes me want more jails.

The guardian is a bleeding heart leftist cesspool and horribly misguided in putting up this interactive in their minds sob story about youth in jails. Then you read why some of them are in jail and you go yeah you should be locked up.

Massive Europe job cuts incoming. Lovely.

They have their generous social welfare and free healthcare so whats the problem? Free stuff for everyone!
Companies as diverse as telecoms equipment group Ericsson, bank ING, steel group Kloeckner and engineering firm Bombardier announced sweeping job cuts on Wednesday as economic worries spread across some of Europe's strongest economies.

Even previously safe haven Nordic states like Sweden have had to adjust to lower demand. World number one mobile telecom network equipment maker Ericsson (ERICb.ST) said it was cutting 9 percent of staff there.

Germany's second-biggest lender, Commerzbank (CBKG.DE), was reported by newspaper Die Zeit to be set to cut 5,000-6,000 jobs and Dutch financial group ING (ING.AS) said it aimed to lose more than 2,000 jobs worldwide.

That would add to the 10,000 jobs in the financial sector which Swiss giant UBS plans to cut.

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said on Wednesday that investors were returning to the euro zone, but the European Commission forecast barely any growth in the single currency area next year.

"Make no mistake about it, this is an across-the-board economic downturn that's sparing no country in the EU," said Nicholas Spiro, director of Spiro Sovereign Strategy consultants in London.

Detroit water department to cut jobs by 80%

Long overdue, Detroit is a dying city, just cut off the machine and let it go already.
The director of Detroit's Water and Sewerage Department on Friday acknowledged plans to downsize the workforce by nearly 80 percent are "painful" but necessary to reduce costs.

"It's painful to look at the numbers," director Sue McCormick said during a public hearing on the department's multi-year reorganization plan. "It's painful for employees to feel like this."

The five-year plan, under an estimated $50 million contract with the private consulting firm EMA, would change job classifications and shrink the number of employees from 1,978 to around 375. The changes would save about $139 million a year in personnel costs, officials said.

From The Detroit News:

New York City Employees hoard FREE gas meant for first responders

No word from Bloomberg if he intends to stop it.

An exclusive investigation discovered city employees getting free gas — originally meant for first responders.

There were cars getting fueled up. A woman was spotted putting two gas cans into her trunk. There were long lines.

They seem like scenes from a typical gas station, right?

Well, not quite. They were taking place in the parking lot at the World’s Fair Marina on Friday.

It was a fueling station, not only for first responders and NYC vehicles, but also, it seems, for the personal vehicles of any city employee.

And the gas was free!

“It’s a great break for us,” FDNY administrator Maria Mercado said.

The gas is delivered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in huge tanker trucks. Drivers roll up and an attendant immediately fills up the tank without ever taking a dime.

“It’s really not about the free part. It’s about being able to get gas,” the FDNY’s Rob Figueroa said.

The city said this station is supposed to have limits for those using personal vehicles.

“There’s an approved list of city employees, contractors, engineers, nurses, doctors as well as police officers, firefighters that are able to get fuel at the city sites to make sure we can continue to carry out critical city operations,” NYC spokesman Marc Lavorgna said.

and the quote of the day to show how liberals think.

“I feel like I’m a city employee and I need to get to work to help the city out,” Dermody said.

Friday, November 9, 2012

GOP: Tax the wealth not income and also Hollywood.

Going after income when you have a whole lot of wealth that you could make money off of is way better at getting more revenue. How much money could you make off of the Hollywood elites wealth? Hundreds of million a year easily.

Hispanics are not and never will be fiscal conservatives

Cut the crap on why we need immigration reform as some sort of reward to get them to vote Republican. Here is why. Hispanics are for big government. They are not and never will be for smaller government. They are natural fit for democrats.

If Republicans want to change their stance on immigration, they should do so on the merits, not out of a belief that only immigration policy stands between them and a Republican Hispanic majority. It is not immigration policy that creates the strong bond between Hispanics and the Democratic party, but the core Democratic principles of a more generous safety net, strong government intervention in the economy, and progressive taxation. Hispanics will prove to be even more decisive in the victory of Governor Jerry Brown’s Proposition 30, which raised upper-income taxes and the sales tax, than in the Obama election.

And California is the wave of the future. A March 2011 poll by Moore Information found that Republican economic policies were a stronger turn-off for Hispanic voters in California than Republican positions on illegal immigration. Twenty-nine percent of Hispanic voters were suspicious of the Republican party on class-warfare grounds — “it favors only the rich”; “Republicans are selfish and out for themselves”; “Republicans don’t represent the average person”– compared with 7 percent who objected to Republican immigration stances.

I spoke last year with John Echeveste, founder of the oldest Latino marketing firm in southern California, about Hispanic politics. “What Republicans mean by ‘family values’ and what Hispanics mean are two completely different things,” he said. “We are a very compassionate people, we care about other people and understand that government has a role to play in helping people.”

And a strong reason for that support for big government is that so many Hispanics use government programs. U.S.-born Hispanic households in California use welfare programs at twice the rate of native-born non-Hispanic households. And that is because nearly one-quarter of all Hispanics are poor in California, compared to a little over one-tenth of non-Hispanics. Nearly seven in ten poor children in the state are Hispanic, and one in three Hispanic children is poor, compared to less than one in six non-Hispanic children. One can see that disparity in classrooms across the state, which are chock full of social workers and teachers’ aides trying to boost Hispanic educational performance.

The idea of the “social issues” Hispanic voter is also a mirage. A majority of Hispanics now support gay marriage, a Pew Research Center poll from last month found. The Hispanic out-of-wedlock birth rate is 53 percent, about twice that of whites.

TSA uniform perks more expensive than Marine Corps

TSA voted to be in a union which means more public servants will have no accountibility for their actions while doing a piss poor job. But it comes with perks.
Under their new collective bargaining agreement, Transportation Security Administration officers get to spend more taxpayer money on their uniforms every year than a United States Marine Corps lieutenant can spend in a lifetime.

“TSA employees will see their uniform allowances nearly double to $446 per year,” the House Transportation Committee noted in a press release on the TSA’s new collective bargaining agreement. “By comparison, a combat Marine Lieutenant receives a one-time uniform allowance of $400. The cost of the increase in TSA uniform allowance is an estimated $9.63 million annually.”

Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., faulted TSA for failing to streamline its bureaucracy or address criticism of security failures, such as the recent inspector general report on the failure to screen checked baggage at the airport in Honolulu, Hawaii.

“While we must respect employee rights to be represented by organized labor, TSA has failed to represent the flying public and has missed the mark on improving procedures and protocols while focusing on tie tacks and tattoos,” Mica said in a statement today. “Even though the army of TSA screeners has reached a labor agreement, it is my prediction they will never be happy while they must deal with this gigantic and often mindless bureaucracy. Many of these hard-working TSA workers are being left in the lurch.”

Obama shuts down oil shale development in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming

Good, elections have consequences and domestic energy prices will go up. Let the people pay.
The Interior Department on Friday issued a final plan to close 1.6 million acres of federal land in the West originally slated for oil shale development.

The proposed plan would fence off a majority of the initial blueprint laid out in the final days of the George W. Bush administration. It faces a 30-day protest period and a 60-day process to ensure it is consistent with local and state policies. After that, the department would render a decision for implementation.

The move is sure to rankle Republicans, who say President Obama’s grip on fossil fuel drilling in federal lands is too tight.

Interior’s Bureau of Land Management cited environmental concerns for the proposed changes. Among other things, it excised lands with “wilderness characteristics” and areas that conflicted with sage grouse habitats.

Con Ed To Seek Rate Increase Despite Criticism Of Post-Sandy Response

Given its New York. Screw'em. Stay cold blue state and don't worry Obama will come along to bail you out.
Con Edison has been harshly criticized for its post-Superstorm Sandy response, but the utility company says that won’t keep it from continuing to seek a rate increase.

Thousands of Con Ed customers are still cold and without power – 11 days after Sandy hit.

“I’m very sorry about what happened, very sorry,” CEO Kevin Burke said.

Hispanic groups demands amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants

I support it. Why? Most will be low skilled workers at min wage, you know who makes up that group? Obama supporters. So its just me being nasty and wanting to make people suffer. Elections have consequences, Deal.
Hispanic amnesty activists are expanding their goals beyond the so-called “DREAM Act” youth amnesty, towards a national amnesty for roughly 11 million Hispanic illegals.

President Barack Obama and Congress “need to come together to deliver change on immigration policy, and by that we mean … a roadmap to citizenship for our parents and communities,” said Cristina Jimenez, direct of an advocacy group, United We Dream.

Jimenez was born in Ecuador and arrived in this country as an illegal immigrant.

“Deporting members of our community is irresponsible and unacceptable,” added Lorella Praeli, the group’s policy director.

Their demand is an opening salvo in a post-election campaign to persuade the House GOP to provide “a path to citizenship” for roughly 11 million illegal immigrants, most of whom are low-skill laborers who compete for jobs against low-skill Americans.

The amnesty goal is supported by many progressive groups, in part, because most Hispanics prefer generous welfare policies, and so usually vote for Democratic candidates.

In contrast, many Republican advocates and legislators favor high-skill immigration, partly because high-skilled workers spur the economy and lower unemployment.

Read more:

Leeching Federal workers cheer Obama win but want pay unfrozen

The leeches are coming out to get more taxpayers money, the multipler effect is here.

WASHINGTON (CNNMoney) -- Many federal workers cheered the re-election of President Obama -- despite the fact that he's kept their pay frozen for more than two years.

Union groups say they're much happier than they would have been had Republicans Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan captured the White House on Tuesday. The Massachusetts governor and House budget chief made clear during the campaign that they think federal workers are a big reason the nation's budget deficit is so high. They talked about shrinking payrolls and cutting benefits.

Vegas business owner fires 22 people, blames Obama

Let the firings begin and moving people to part timers. I still want to go over the fiscal cliff. People need to learn lessons the hard way.
A Las Vegas business owner with 114 employees fired 22 workers today, apparently as a direct result of President Obama’s re-election.

“David” (he asked to remain anonymous for obvious reasons) told Host Kevin Wall on 100.5 KXNT that “elections have consequences” and that “at the end of the day, I need to survive.”

Here’s an excerpt from the interview. Click the audio tab below to hear even more from this compelling conversation:

“I’ve done my share of educating my employees. I never tell them which way to vote. I believe in the free system we have, I believe in the right to choose who they want to be president, but I did explain as a business owner that I have always put my employees first. I always made sure that when I went without a paycheck that [I] made sure they were paid. And I explained that I always put them first and unfortunately I’m at a point where I’m being forced to have to worry about me and my family now and a business that I built from just me to 114 employees.

Utah Coal Company fires 102 people, blames Obama


A Utah coal company owned by a vocal critic of President Barack Obama has laid off 102 miners.

The layoffs at the West Ridge Mine are effective immediately, according to UtahAmerican Energy Inc., a subsidiary of Murray Energy Corp. They were announced in a short statement made public Thursday, two days after Obama won re-election.

The layoffs are necessary because of the president's "war on coal," the statement said. The slogan is one used frequently during the election by Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray, who was an ardent supporter of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

In its statement, UtahAmerican Energy blames the Obama administration for instituting policies that will close down "204 American coal-fired power plants by 2014" and for drastically reducing the market for coal.

(Wash Post) Republican Party begins election review

Usually these reviews end up being useless because the people in charge of running it are the same people who caused the need for a review in the first place.

Follow the saying, Keep it simple stupid. Better vetted candidates, a complete overhaul of east and northeast state parties, immigration reform that is tough on enforcement and streamlined process to legalization. Most importantly, make the primaries tough enough to quickly weed out the losers but satisfy the majority of the voters.

BTW, Blaming the tea party is a dumb move because without them, GOP would have lose by a larger margin than they did in the election.

The review comes amid signs that the election results have pushed some conservative leaders and officials to consider tackling one of the most politically touchy issues for many Republicans: whether to put millions of illegal immigrants on a path to citizenship. For years, conservatives have blocked immigration legislation. But seeing Obama win seven in 10 Hispanic voters appears to have left some wondering whether it is time to compromise, particularly with the president pledging to make the issue a centerpiece of his second-term agenda.

The Internet was buzzing late Thursday as word spread that Fox News Channel commentator Sean Hannity declared he had “evolved” on the issue and now thinks illegal immigrants without criminal records should have a “pathway to citizenship.”

In an interview Thursday with ABC News’s Diane Sawyer, House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) said the immigration issue “has been around far too long.” He said a “comprehensive approach is long overdue, and I’m confident that the president, myself, others can find the common ground to take care of this issue once and for all.”

Asked about the GOP’s demographic problems, Boehner said: “What Republicans need to learn is: How do we speak to all Americans? You know, not just the people who look like us and act like us, but how do we speak to all Americans?”

Although Democrats argue that Tuesday’s results point to a potentially long-lasting winning coalition, Republicans are fighting among themselves about what went wrong.

Some party leaders have blamed the losses on the rise of the tea party movement and the growing pressure on GOP candidates to hew to a purist brand of conservatism that wins primaries but turns off voters. Others have taken the opposite view, blaming party establishment leaders and Romney for trying to play to the middle.

RNC officials say their results will help guide Republican lawmakers and governors as they tackle sensitive issues.

The committee’s move suggests that Chairman Reince Priebus, who will face reelection in January, may be trying to fill a void left by Romney’s loss and the lack of a party leader focused on political strategy.

The review began on election night with polls in key states, and next week the party will begin a string of voter focus groups.

Priebus and other party officials also will meet with constituency-group leaders representing Hispanics, African Americans, veterans, evangelicals, tea party activists, business groups, youth voters, centrists, Asian Americans and women.

Party officials plan to delve deeply into the Hispanic community, with separate focus group sessions being devoted to Puerto Ricans, a key bloc in central Florida that strongly backed Obama, as well as Mexican Americans and Cuban Americans. Mexican Americans make up the bulk of Hispanic voters in the battleground states of Colorado and Nevada.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Easy and powerful immigration reform by the GOP.

If they had leaders who will learn how to fight back against the Democrats and their media friends.

Put a plan out that details strict immigration enforcement but also a streamlined path to US citizenship and work permits.

Let the Dems and media fight it out on how "mean" it is while happily pushing the plan to the America public to show how reasonable it is to the country.

Identity politics where you appeal to citizens and legal residents that getting to America is an honor and privilege while showing the hammer on enforcement with the streamlined path to citizenship. This is the key. Anyone want to take up that challenge?

Enough with the whiny navel gazing on Romney losing part 2

paragraph after paragraph of navel gazing that can be explained away in much less time.

Obama with a bad economy and nothing to show for it other than pandering to different groups via identity politics was successful in portraying Romney as the living embodiment of why the economy stinks. Rich, white wall street type that doesn't "Care" or understand anyone in the middle class while stealing money to put in the caymans or Swiss bank account.

Make a caricature, character assassinate, media helping along, phony story lines like war on women, big bird..etc.etc. while dismissing your own policies that helped worsen an already bad economy.

It also helps when Romney's own camp refuses to fight back, gets outsmarted and out hustled on the ground game using an old political campaign against an updated political method.

Wash, rinse, repeat every day of every month till election day. Yes, the Dems had their energized base of groups out but less total than in 2008. What Obama did above was help depress the GOP side numbers.

My sense is these voters were unhappy with Obama. But his negative ad campaign relentlessly emphasizing Romney’s wealth and tenure at Bain Capital may have turned them off to the Republican nominee as well. The Romney campaign exacerbated this through the challenger’s failure to articulate a clear, positive agenda to address these voters’ fears, and self-inflicted wounds like the “47 percent” gaffe. Given a choice between two unpalatable options, these voters simply stayed home.

Read it somewhere else, but the day of the low info voter who was too stupid to vote is done. Obama has helped to usher in the oprahrization of America politics. Cool is more important than policy and Identity politics playing to peoples self interest and ego is now the new normal.

Republicans can easily play this game but not with the establishment players that show up every election since Obama showed up. New blood now or wither and die later as a political party.

Star Wars EP VII possible directors: Spielberg, Bird, Abrams

Spielberg: NO (Crystal Skull, nuff said)
Brad Bird: Okay
JJ Abrams: NO because of the chance he brings in Damon Lindelof who will Prometheus it up. That is not good.

Informed sources tell Vulture that Star Wars: Episode VII has found a leading candidate to write the film’s screenplay: Michael Arndt, the Pixar favorite who was nominated for an Oscar for Toy Story 3, won an Oscar for Little Miss Sunshine, and wrote The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which is currently shooting. Insiders confirm that Arndt has written a 40- to 50-page treatment for the film and is likely to be at least one of the writers when the Disney/Lucasfilm project begins shooting in 2014.

The merger between George Lucas’s brainchild and Disney, announced October 30, caught the town by surprise. And talent agents were similarly astonished to learn that Arndt had been at work on the treatment long before the deal was announced, catching them flat-footed and cutting off any chance they’d have to proffer their own many eager candidates for the coveted job.

Sources also tell Vulture that the studio’s brass want to bring back the three central characters of the original Star Wars: a much older Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo. No deals are in place with any of the original actors, though our source did say it had high ambitions to sign up Mark Hamill, and EW recently reported that Harrison Ford was open to the idea of returning. We're told that Arndt's 40-something page treatment will soon be crossing the desks of top directors, including Brad Bird, Steven Spielberg (Lucasfilm’s co-chair, Kathleen Kennedy's former producing partner), and J.J. Abrams. Whether they’d be interested is unknown (Star Wars is a lot of baggage for an established director), but Disney wants to make sure they’ve at least tried the biggest names.

Obama lock on hispanic vote in Florida by the numbers.

How do you appeal to people who believe in a socialist government who needs to take of them? This is the new wave of Hispanics who have political values 180 from America values. Its the importation of Latin and South American political values.

As Republicans regroup in the election's aftermath, their approach to wooing Hispanic voters will have to be revamped, said Eddie Fernández, an attorney with Shutts & Bowen in Orlando who is active in conservative politics.

"I think Republicans' view of Hispanics, and I am going to say maybe women and other minorities as well, is as someone you need to outreach to during an election year, rather than groups that are integral to the party," he said. "That's what needs to change."

In Hollywood, Américo Vargas, a 70-year-old retired truck driver born in the Dominican Republic, said he did not trust Republicans to represent him."The way I see it Republicans are against Hispanics," he said. "Romney said 47 percent [of Americans] want a handout. I think he meant us."

Obama racked up big margins with all Hispanic blocs in Florida, according to the Bendixen & Amandi poll. It found that Obama took 79 percent of the South American vote, including 80 percent of Colombians, 82 percent of Peruvians, 79 percent of Ecuadorians, and 76 percent of Venezuelans, 75 percent of Argentinians and 92 percent of Brazilians.

Among Central Americans, including those from Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador, 74 percent voted for Obama, the pollsters found. The percentage of Mexicans in Florida who favored Obama was 66, Dominicans, 81.

Angie Ortega, who moved to Pembroke Pines from Puerto Rico in 2010, is part of the new wave of Hispanic voters changing Florida's political profile. Ortega said she voted for Obama because she believes he is the best candidate with the best ideas for helping people like herself.

"I thought the president needs to finish what he started and he deserves a second chance," said Ortega, 45, a behavior specialist who works with the handicapped. "If Obama does the great job he says he is going to do I will remain a Democrat. But if he doesn't, I may vote for the Republican the next time."

Michael Mayo: Winners = Muslims, Losers = The Catholic Church.

Yeah, this is what I have to live with in this county. Spitting on the Church for daring to oppose the killing of unborn babies.

Winner: Muslims. They fundraised nationally to help Murphy defeat West, called "the biggest anti-Muslim political figure in America" by activist Ahmed Bedier.

Loser: The Catholic Church. In newsletters, parishioners were urged to support the rights of the unborn. But pro-life Mitt Romney lost and anti-abortion Amendment 5 went down. To cap it off, Amendment 8, which would have allowed direct state funding of religious schools, was resoundingly defeated.

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel had Ken Jenne giving campaign advice.

I posted yesterday not joking that elected officials in Broward County tend to get thrown in jail after a couple of years due to various crimes. The new Sheriff Scott Israel beat Al Lamberti for the job. Now it comes out the various tricks and backdoor happenings on why it happened.

The stunning takedown of Broward County's most powerful elected official was a victory whipped up in a cauldron of revenge.

Sheriff Al Lamberti had ticked off the wrong people, and his enemies said they saw to his defeat — and to the victory of challenger Scott Israel.

Ron Gunzburger, the son of a county commissioner, plied his political tricks against the sheriff to avenge his mother, who he said had been burned by Lamberti during her own campaign. He turned for whispers of advice to former Sheriff Ken Jenne, who was dethroned in a public corruption scandal that sent him to prison, and notorious dirty trickster Roger Stone, a former political operative for President Richard Nixon.

On the team helping were deputies who'd been fired or felt wronged under the sheriff's administration.

"That was ... probably the best example I've ever seen of cautioning someone to be careful of who you get on the wrong side of,'' Israel's campaign manager Amy Rose said.

The sheriff had made a fierce enemy in the Gunzburgers when Broward County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger was running for re-election in 2010. Lamberti launched a corruption investigation into Gunzburger, grabbing headlines when she was in a tough election fight. He was looking into her late husband's business dealings with the county, which had occurred more than a decade prior.

Had that not happened, her son Ron Gunzburger said, he might only have taken Election Day off to campaign for Israel. Instead, he spent every ounce of energy away from work scheming on how to take the sheriff down. A friend of political operative Stone, Gunzburger said he tapped into Stone's expertise for advice from time to time.

Former Sheriff Jenne, who'd worked with Lamberti and was succeeded by him, wanted him to lose, Gunzburger said, and he offered advice and passed along tips.

"Obviously I'm a Democrat anyhow,'' he said, "but the bogus investigation of Mom, which was purely something he trumped up ... to hurt her during her campaign showed me such an abuse of power and an arrogance that it motivated me to say we need a change at BSO.''

Gunzburger, the chief strategist of Israel's campaign, admits he penned anonymous attack pieces about Lamberti that were emailed and published online. He didn't have to heed campaign finance rules, he said, because the material was on a blog, like a newspaper with "spin,'' and he said no costs were involved in sending them.

"When you have no money, you have to do guerilla tactics,'' Gunzburger said. "The hyperbole sometimes was a little colorful, but the substance I think was correct.''

Just an example of how utterly corrupt Broward is that Gunzburger openly talks about as Scott Israel's campaign manager how he did it with people that would give anyone pause being associated with in the first place. Welcome to the banana republic of Broward.

Philadelphia schools borrow $300 million to pay itself.

Considering it has applauded itself for finally graduating students at 60%, a suspect number giving the ease someone can get a diploma in places like Philly and with a dropout rate of over 50%. I am sure the $300 million will continue to churn out functionally illiterate humps.

The Philadelphia School Reform Commission moved Wednesday to borrow $300 million - money it needs just to pay teachers, heat buildings, and buy books for the rest of the school year.

Chairman Pedro Ramos made it clear that the SRC's back was to the wall and that the state of its finances constituted "dire circumstances" for the district.

"I couldn't be more unhappy that we're in a situation where it's necessary to do a borrowing for the purposes of merely paying our bills," Ramos said.

The bond sale the SRC unanimously authorized at the Wednesday special meeting comes with a hefty price tag - an additional $22 million in debt service annually for 20 years, beginning in 2014.

It's the second time in a decade the district has had to borrow money to keep schools open - the last deficit financing occurred in 2002 - and officials say the school system's credit card is maxed out.

"Some people think the solution is that we can just keep borrowing, and we really can't," Ramos said.

Because it represents nonrecurring revenue, this bond sale puts the district hundreds of millions in the hole for the 2013-14 school year just three months into the current school term.

The message? The district's current spending is not sustainable; the bond sale is a large and very expensive Band-Aid, but it only buys the district a little time.

"Extremely difficult" choices are approaching quickly, SRC member Wendell Pritchett said, and "we're going to have to make them. We don't have any choice."

Jesse Jackson Jr. in plea deal talks with feds

Never saw this coming and good going black america Chicago division electing this goofball back even knowing this is probably going to happen.
Sneed has learned U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who handily won re-election Tuesday despite a lengthy stay at Mayo Clinic for depression and bipolar disorder, is in the midst of plea discussions with the feds probing his alleged misuse of campaign funds.

“No one has pled guilty, but plea discussions are ongoing,” said a top Sneed source, who said Jackson is still undergoing treatment at Mayo Clinic.

Sneed is also told Jackson, who returned to Mayo Clinic after undergoing outpatient treatment in the seclusion of his home in Washington, D.C., is not only being investigated for allegedly using campaign funds to decorate his Washington home — but also Sneed hears he may also have used campaign funds to buy a $40,000 Rolex watch as a gift for a female friend.

An heir apparent to the beneficence and largesse of the Jackson dynasty, Jackson has been immersed in a cloud of federal scrutiny for the past three years.

In late 2008, Jackson, who desired the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama when he became president, was also mentioned in connection with the “pay to play” sale of that Senate slot that led to the conviction of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Jackson has always denied involvement and was never charged.

“This has been an ongoing nightmare for the Jackson family, particularly his wife, Ald. Sandi Jackson, and the Reverend [his father, Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr.],” added the source, who is familiar with the campaign funds probe.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

GOP: Tax the entertainment industry

Tax Hollywood and the music industry specifically like you would tax tobacco as a health problem. Make a list of what actors and musicians make, say you agree with Obama and everyone must pay their fair share. Conservatives will not hate for it.

Puerto Rico is America's largest welfare state.

Looking around for news at yet another statehood vote, I got to the wiki page for Rico and holy hell. When the government is the largest employer anywhere, you are a welfare state.

Puerto Rico’s central government, which includes all three branches of government but excludes public corporations and municipalities, has an annual general budget that currently ranges from $8.5 billion to $9 billion in revenues and expenditures.[11] The government also receives more than $4.2 billion dollars annually in subsidies and federal aid from the United States.[12] A substantial portion of this amount is earmarked for public welfare, including funding educational programs (such as Head Start), subsidized housing programs (such as (Section 8 and public housing projects), and a food stamp system called the Nutrition Assistance for Puerto Rico program.

Public corporations generate approximately $6.3 billion in general revenues by charging citizens for the services they provide. The largest public corporation, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), generates almost half of those revenues alone ($3 billion). However, public corporations generate about $10.6 billion in expenses when combined, requiring substantial subsidies by the central government. In 2005, the central government provided more than $2.6 billion in subsidies, while the remaining expenditures were funded through interest and investment earnings.[13]

When considering all three branches of government, including all public corporations and municipalities, the government of Puerto Rico’s annual expenditures can reach to more than $28 billion.[14]

The executive branch is responsible for administering public resources, as well as providing all necessary public services to the Puerto Rican general public. It is by far the largest branch in the government as well as the largest employer in Puerto Rico with more than 150,000 workers.

Boeing to cut 30% of its defense jobs.

Its Obama time!
Boeing (BA) makes military helicopters and planes, in addition to commercial jets used by airlines. The commercial airplane business has been expanding. But the defense business is suffering because of tight government spending in the U.S. and other countries.

Boeing is reducing the number of defense executives by 30% from 2010 levels. Spokesman Todd Blecher said much of that has already happened, and the last 10% of the cuts will come by the end of the year.

Boeing reassigned several defense executives on Wednesday as part of the restructuring.

The shake-up includes disbanding the Missiles and Unmanned Airborne Systems division as of Jan. 1. That unit makes things like cruise missiles and drones that have been in high demand but which are not needed as much as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have wound down.

The division's work will be spread to other areas, Blecher said, for instance with missiles becoming part of Boeing Military Aircraft's "Global Strike" division. The missiles and unmanned planes unit had its own finance, communications, human resources and legal staff, but that work will be spread among other Boeing defense units, the company said.

Boeing says it has cut defense facilities by 10% "and is looking for more over time." It did not say which facilities will be affected. The cuts include moves like eliminating its defense plant in Wichita, Kan., which will be done by the end of next year.

Two years ago, Boeing's defense business employed 66,300 people. It's down to 60,500 now, a drop of almost 9%.

Beyonce Posts Message to Mitt Romney Supporters: “Take That Mitches”

Aww how clever. I posted before these entertainers mock us and make money off of us and we let them. Time to show who has the power people. make Beyonce know how utterly crass her pic was that has now since been removed.

Idiot racks up £40,000 bar bill trying to impress Benicio Del Toro

What universe is impressing Benicio Del Toro a positive? Its Benicio Del Toro not Brad Pitt.

A city trader splashed out £40,000 on drinks at a swish London bar while trying to impress Hollywood star Benicio Del Toro.

The commodities dealer - who has not been named - was at a Halloween party at Raffles in Chelsea.

He arrived at around 9.30pm with nine fellow traders and kicked off the evening with a round of zombie-themed vodka cocktails, each costing £30, made from rum, absinthe and grapefruit.

But onlookers said the trader's spending spiralled after the Puerta Rican actor - who starred in Snatch and The Usual Suspects - came and sat nearby.

Del Toro's arrival at around 11pm was said to have sent the party atmosphere 'into a frenzy', prompting the traders to order more drinks.

Within a couple of hours the businessman had splashed out £24,000 on three bottles of Dom Perignon champagne costing £8,000 each.

By the time he left in the early hours of last Thursday morning, he had racked up a receipt for £40,090.73 - including a £5,229.31 tip.

Onlookers believe he got carried away while trying to impress the Hollywood actor.

One said: 'The trader was clearly getting into the spirit of the Halloween, and he wasn't holding back.

'He'd obviously had a good day at the office and wanted to treat his friends.

'Benicio del Toro was at the club that night so perhaps he wanted to show off in front of a Hollywood A lister.'

Read more:
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Yale already changing around healthcare plans because of Obamacare?

If so, this is kinda wonderful. What other changes will come out now after the elections. Who will get laid off and to be very mean, if you voted for Obama and get axed.. Good.

Super majorities give California Democrats power to tax

What happens when you throw coke heads into a room with a pile of Cocaine in the middle. The same thing now that the California Dems can do whatever they want and I hope they do. Drive that state into the ground.
The passage of Proposition 30 was not only a deeply personal triumph for Gov. Jerry Brown, who spent the last several weeks campaigning furiously for his tax-hike initiative. It was also a symbolic end to a 34-year period in California history, which began when the state's voters stoked anti-tax prairie fires across the nation by passing Proposition 13.

But as Proposition 30 began to cruise toward victory late Tuesday night, Brown found himself the beneficiary of an unexpected gift: Democrats had likely captured a two-thirds majority of both chambers of the Legislature, at once turning the Republicans into an irrelevant minority.

It was a remarkable turn of events. Only a couple of days ago, Brown's tax-hike measure seemed headed toward defeat, and his legacy was in doubt. But now the reign of the 74-year-old governor was suddenly rejuvenated -- though at the same time facing new dangers inherent in one-party rule.

"As is always the case with newfound political power, there's a question of restraint vs. excess," said Bill Whalen, a Hoover Institution fellow and top aide to former Gov. Pete Wilson. "Christmas came early for the Democrats, or Halloween came late: So do they eat all their candy, or do they take a more sensible approach?"

Ethan Rarick, director of the Matsui Center at UC Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies, said "the logical area where they might overreach is taxes and spending. But now that they have the ability to do what voters just did for them, I don't think they will raise taxes."

Gun maker shares rise after Obama re-election

Obama is coming after your guns and will come after them hard. He has nothing to lose now.
Shares of gun makers Smith & Wesson Holding Corp (SWHC.O) and Sturm Ruger & Co Inc (RGR.N) rose on speculation that gun enthusiasts would stock up fearing that the re-election of President Barack Obama would lead to stricter gun laws.

During the second presidential debate last month, Obama appeared to endorse a push for a ban on assault weapons if he were to win a second term.

"The re-election of President Obama should drive political firearm sales," Benchmark & Co analyst Mike Greene said.

But while analysts agree that gun sales will rise this year, as they did when Obama first won the presidency in 2008, they are less certain about the passage of any anti-gun legislation.

Obama has affirmed the right to bear arms in the past.

"The administration has not really lifted a finger in the last four years to tighten gun control legislation," said Wedbush Securities analyst Rommel Dionisio, who covers the gunmakers.

"There is a consumer fear that Obama will tighten gun control legislation, but whether or not they will do it this time I don't know," Dionisio said.

Chris Matthews sorry for saying on camera "I’m So Glad We Had That Storm Last Week"

You know damn well a number of idiots on that channel were thinking the same thing.

57% swayed by Obama's Hurricane Sandy Photo Op.

America is filled with morons.... Idiocracy is here and its Obama's America.
Breaking down the keys to Obama’s victory, the Fox & Friends hosts examined the exit polling data from election night which showed President Obama doing slightly better with young voters and non-Cuban Hispanic voters than he did in 2008.

The exit polls also showed that 57 percent of the country’s voters thought that Hurricane Sandy and the response to that storm heavily impacted their vote. 42 percent said that the response to the storm was important and 15 percent said it was the most important factor influencing their vote.

“I can’t believe those numbers,” Gretchen Carlson said.

“This may have become a national issue,” Heather Nauert replied

National Exit Polls show young going for Obama, Catholics as well?

The young (18-29) going Obama was a no brainer, star struck idiots who wants free stuffs. But Catholics after the abortion parade and Dems spitting on religion they would come back to Obama? Catholic light maybe.

No grand bargain, make all taxes go up and fiscal cliff happen.

Screw it. GOP should let everything in the automatic spending cuts happen, let the all the taxes rise for everyone and just say this is what Obama approves. People want free stuff. You get to pay for free stuff.

Hell, give them want they want and stand back. Burn the place to the ground in a manner of speaking.

even better suggestion at Instapundit.

READER MICHAEL MILLER offers another suggestion to Speaker Boehner for increasing revenue:

Want to change the direction of the debate? Let’s talk about actually taxing the wealthy. You want to see Dem’s scream and argue about that. Tax people on their assets, not their income. Pelosi’s wealthy on income, nope.

The conversation MUST change. There are dozens of potential revenue sources within the wealthy that would easily triple the income to the US over penalizing hard workers. And then, we’d see the true colors of the Dems, the Streisands, Spielbergs, the Soros.

Hundreds of billions can be generated, by taxing a very small portion of muni bond income. Yes, other items can be looked at, tax breaks, but they are miniscule, to the total WEALTH, (NOT INCOME) that is out there. And it wouldn’t change their desirability since even after a SMALL tax, it beats everything out there. Guess who owns muni’s? Feinstein, Spielberg…

In essence, this is the only way out of the punitive tax brackets we find ourselves in. And even if it makes little economic sense, just hearing these jerks whine about a tax on THEM, just for a bit, would be hilarious.

Also, tax Hollywood on their box office revenues, attack the weathly liberal and see everything get pushed to a stop. GOP, you can tax the rich as long its the ones we conservatives hate.

Scott Israel the new Broward County Sheriff..

Given this county track record on elected officials being busted for criminality a couple of years after being elected I hold out little hope. But he is a Democrat and people are touting his ability for "teamwork" between the department and the community.

That means BS nonsense like midnight basketball back in the Clinton days and being soft on Juvenile crime which only makes matters worse. I am prepared for the idiocy.

OTOH, America could be Spain who hit 25%+ unemployment.

Spain is just a clustermess of socialist economic destruction.
The number of people out of work in Spain has climbed again.

An extra 128,000 people were unemployed in October, according to the latest figures from the Labour Ministry. That’s 4.83 million people in total.

In the queue outside one job centre in Madrid, many are cynical whether either of the main political parties can change their fortunes.

“I don’t know whose fault it is, the People’s Party or the Socialists. But we have a very complicated situation right now. I don’t think either of them are doing very well. Things need to be done differently,” said one jobless woman.

“The opposition’s leadership is no good and the government is no better. I think we should punish these parties at elections. It’s one of the only options that we have because protesting or demonstrating isn’t working,” said another Madrid resident, who is also out of work.

Last month, separate data showed the jobless figure crossing the 25 percent mark for the first time. Youth unemployment is even worse, standing at 52 percent.

Dan McLaughlin: GOP needs better candidate screeners.

Yep. If at this point you don't realize you are going against not only whatever Dem opponent it is and the media on every level. You don't deserve to be there. Todd Akin should be example #1 forever on how to screw up an easy seat pickup.
The Tea Party has done a good job of purging one kind of Republican, what you might call the Total Squish – the Republican who just offers nothing on any issue to Republican voters. But to my mind, there are three other species of candidate that we need to do a better job of vetting and avoiding in the primaries, both national and statewide:

1) The Clueless Rich Guy: The wealthy or self-funded candidate with little or no political experience, no firm principles and, as a result, often an undue reliance on political consultants. Romney was not the only candidate of this species – Linda MacMahon also failed in Connecticut for a second consecutive cycle. Rookie politicians aren’t all bad (see Ron Johnson, for example), but as a group they make a lot of mistakes, and wealthy ones are often poor messengers for our ideas.

2) The Pulled Hand Grenade So-Con: Social conservatives are a crucial part of the Republican coalition, and I’d be the last person to want to run them out of the party. But it takes a high level of self-delusion to avoid the fact that candidates like Todd Akin simply have no clue how bad their pronouncements sound to voters outside their corner of the base – and in Akin’s case, he won the nomination over two equally plausible alternatives who would have beaten Claire McCaskill. Richard Mourdock, unlike Akin, had won statewide races and didn’t have a real record of saying things that would set off alarm bells – plus he won his primary against an incumbent far past his sell-by date – but one poor answer in a debate finished him. Social conservatives as a group need to accept the fact that communication and tone matter; people will respect your issue stances, but not if you seem to them like a frightening extremist. We need to find better ways of identifying people who just won’t fly with the general electorate before it’s too late.

3) The Retread: Two of the failed Senate candidates (Tommy Thompson and George Allen) were excellent statewide candidates…in the 90s. But much like Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, they found it hard to adjust to the current political environment. Voters looking for change are a lot less likely to pull the lever for a guy who has been out of the fight that long.

(Wash Post) How advisers fucked Mitt Romney over early on.

Well My title, but reading this behind the scenes, once again the shitty GOP advisers screwed up when every GOP base voter in the summer was screaming to fight back on this charge.

“The most striking data we saw early on was on the ‘understands problems of people like me’ question,” said a senior White House official involved in the discussions. “Into the summer, Romney was in the teens in this category.”

The choice was made. The onetime campaign of hope and change soon began a sustained advertising assault that cast Romney as a heartless executive, a man who willingly fires people and is disconnected from how average Americans live their lives — an approach reinforced by Romney’s mistakes along the way.

While the Obama campaign bet it could set the campaign’s course in the summer of 2012, Romney’s senior staffers in Boston put their money on winning a decisive autumn, when it believed voters would tune in to the race in earnest and their jobs-first message would convince the nation it was time for a change.

But, as the attacks mounted, so did concern within the Romney camp.

“Ann would come to me and say, ‘Eric, what are we going to do about this? It needs to be addressed,’ ” said Eric Fehrnstrom, Romney’s senior adviser, referring to the candidate’s wife. Romney’s family longed to tell the story of the “real Mitt,” but advisers told them that the time for that would come later, during the convention and debates.

Another Romney adviser said: “The group think today is if we were to go back and change one thing, we’d spend more money and more strongly defend Mitt and push back on the ‘rich guy,’ the tax rate issue, the Bain Capital issue. We knew it was coming and we should’ve done more positive ads to get his favorables up.”

This happened during McCain and now to Romney. How the hell could you think a summer of sustained vicious attacks wouldn't have an effect on Romney's image? Its the Obama campaign + Mainstream Media against Romney. Get a clue.

The campaign bore almost no resemblance to the expansive one Obama waged in 2008 — by strategic choice and by financial necessity. Without the clear financial advantage it had last time, Obama’s campaign relied more on the tools of micro-marketing than on the oratorical gifts of the nation’s first black president.

Gone were the soaring speeches that clarified Obama’s candidacy four years ago. Instead the president focused on Romney. Meanwhile, his campaign spoke early and often with “persuadable” voters, selected for targeted e-mails and doorstep visits through demographic data unavailable last time.

“We turned a national election into a school-board race,” a second senior Obama campaign official said.

He turned to Karl Rove 2004 playbook.

Even inside Romney’s campaign, some advisers worried Ryan would be identified too closely with his proposal to turn Medicare into a voucher program, an idea that could alienate seniors critical in Florida.

Those concerns translated into disagreements between Ryan and the leadership in Boston. One week after his selection, Ryan, on his own, gave a speech about Medicare to residents of the Villages, a city-size retirement community in central Florida.

“We want this debate. We need this debate. We will win this debate,” he declared.

To the relief of Romney’s advisers, the debate never materialized. But they did not allow Ryan to set the agenda again.

As part of his role, Ryan had wanted to talk about poverty, traveling to inner cities and giving speeches that laid out the Republican vision for individual empowerment. But Romney advisers refused his request to do so, until mid-October, when he gave a speech on civil society in Cleveland.

As one adviser put it, “The issues that we really test well on and win on are not the war on poverty.”

Ryan did not complain publicly. But he later had reason to.

Again the advisers who micromanaged everything screwed up. Read the whole thing, You can see openings for the Romney campaign they refused to do against Obama that was right there for the taking. Romney ran a nice campaign but he didn't run a winning Presidential Campaign.

Just a bunch of missed opportunities.


Blitzkrieg: “Political campaigns sometimes seem small, even silly,” the newly re-elected president said in his late-night victory speech in Chicago after Tuesday night had morphed into Wednesday morning. Obama blamed unnamed “cynics” for this unhappy state of affairs, but he might more properly look in the mirror — or at his own longtime Chicago-based political operatives.

Beginning last summer, Obama and his surrogates embarked on an ambitious plan to erode Romney’s image and reputation with a series of relentless personal attacks. This asymmetrical warfare — Romney criticized Obama’s record while Obama savaged Romney’s character — cost Democrats more than $100 million in eight battleground states. But it worked.

One negative TV spot portrayed Romney as a heartless corporate raider responsible for killing a steelworkers’ wife while running Bain Capital. When questioned about these claims, an Obama spokeswoman said she didn’t know the former steelworker at all. Actually, the same Obama press aide had put him on a campaign conference call with reporters where he pitched the same story — one that turned out to be false in most of its particulars.

This kind of thing continued apace, whether it was the president’s aides attacking Romney over his tax returns; the family dog’s accommodations on a long-ago family vacation (the roof of the station wagon); attacking Ann Romney as a woman who does not work; also attacking her, a breast cancer survivor who also has MS, for having an Olympics-ready dressage horse; and in the waning days of the campaign surreptitiously trying to slime the Mormon faith.

To a measurable degree, this strategy succeeded in its goal, which was to make Romney an unacceptable alternative to a president who hadn’t been successful.

WE had two "nice" guys go up against Obama and were totally unprepared to deal with Chicago style politics.

59% of Ohio approved of the auto bailouts.

When Obama Claus came to town and gave them free money to his union buddies, he was sent for the win. You can't fight against people who think they are entitled to money like union workers in Ohio.
In winning Ohio by a small margin, Obama tapped heavily into the northern areas of the state where the auto industry plays a large role. The bailout that kept General Motors and Chrysler Group alive was a key issue in those areas.

"President Obama stood by American workers in their darkest hour, and UAW members and citizens in communities that are part of the thriving auto industry, are grateful for his willingness to bet on us," said UAW President Bob King in a statement after Obama was declared the winner. "Today, the domestic auto industry is roaring back, with investment in factories, new workers and manufacturing returned to our country."

Blood sucking parasites. I will never buy a GM or Chrysler product ever.

GOP should publish its own immigration plan first

One that not only shows a positive immigration reform on conservative terms but would put immigration amnesty proponents on the defensive. Just a thought.

Michigan defeated a lot of union loving proposals

There is a massive disconnect somewhere because as a conservative I would be cheering for all these defeats.
Proposal 2, which failed 58 percent to 42 percent, would have amended the state constitution and give workers the right to organize and bargain collectively through labor unions. Supporters pushed the proposal fearing the governor and state Legislature will make Michigan a Right to Work state. Opponents say the proposal would eliminate hundreds of existing labor laws in the process.

Proposal 3, which failed 63 percent to 47 percent, would have forced Michigan to have 25 percent of its electricity come from renewable energy sources by 2025.

Proposal 4, failing 57 percent to 43 percent, would undo a law signed by Snyder and force Michigan’s 60-thousand home health care workers to join a labor union.

Proposal 5, which failed 69 percent to 31 percent, would have required that any future increases of the tax rate or tax base be approved by either a two-thirds majority of the legislature or a statewide vote.

Proposal 6, which garnered a 60 percent unfavorable vote vs. 40 percent support, would have forced a statewide vote for any bridge or tunnel project.

Detroit elects 8 time convicted felon to state house.

The outhouse of America once again shocks America by its stupidity and embarrasses black people at the same time.
Among the new group of state lawmakers to emerge from Election Day on Tuesday is Brian Banks, who has been convicted eight times for felonies involving bad checks and credit card fraud.

Banks, a Democrat and lifelong Detroiter, won a seat in Lansing as a state representative for the 1st District, representing the east side of Detroit, Harper Woods, and the tony Grosse Pointes. He won 68 percent of the vote to Republican Dan Schulte’s 32 percent.

Banks, 35, was convicted eight times between 1998 and 2004 of writing bad checks and credit card fraud.

His slogan was “You can Bank on Banks.”

“It’s time to elect a leader, with experience and passion, who will fight for you,” he wrote on his website.

I hate Detroit.

BTW, GOP can't reach out to blacks and latinos at this point.

If you go by the NAACP poll that 95% blacks are demanding federal government should "create" jobs and getting immigration amnesty is the most important thing ever to latinos, conservatives will never abide by that because its wrong.

What you see here is half the people who live in America hate how America is and wants it changed not to the betterment as whole but tailored to their own self interests.

Those self interests are not good for any nation much less America.

Conservatives: We need to destroy the media, Hollywood and Schools.

The media has done more to help Obama along his entire four years than anyone else. They have been his friend and defenders at the expense of the truth. Stop supporting them financial and damage their reputations that includes individual reporters. After a while don't you get tired of being smeared and slapped around by people who hold the power to construct their own narrative especially among the low info voters?

The second is Hollywood. They spit on your values, morals, religion(except Islam, they ain't stupid for fear of their lives)and mock anyone east of Los Angeles and West of New York. Its time to hit the actors and people in that workd in their wallets and make sure everyone knows what they say about others who don't fit their "enlightened" views.

The third is the education system in this country. If the last four years hasn't proven to you we are surrounded by dumbfucks, what else proof do you need? Liberals control the way our children from K till the end of college on what they can believe and are taught every day. Conservatives, people of values cannot win another national race if we continue to just sit on blogs and whine about it as if something is getting done.

I hate to say it but the major conservative sites have failed MISERABLY to educating the masses on what Obama has and wants to do with this country which is turn into into a land of parasites dependent on government to be their parents from cradle to grave.

The demographics have changed where people believe they are all victims and its not their fault they are not more successful. So be it. Treat them like the scum that they are and go from that point on to break them down. They are not worth your time.

California so far not passing Prop 30 and other tax measures.

There is a fiscal conservative streak in California but the state GOP is so damn stupid they can never exploit it.

#update, never mind, its not in the lead as Los Angeles and San Fran liberals want more money.

How Obama won reelection in five easy steps.

When you appeal to the weakness in people, you can get whatever you want in life.

1) Ohio: The GOP screwed up on Ohio because they underestimated the leeching tendencies of a state that liked getting an auto bailout and has unions who took taxpayers money with glee.

GOP tried to present an sound economic reason why the auto bailout failed to basically half of a state that are a bunch of welfare queens looking for free money. You threaten free money and as Al Sharpton says they will vote their self interest.

Obama played it smart by realizing what states he had and then appealing to a couple of states by being their Daddy Warbucks. It worked in Ohio perfectly.

2) Obama divided America into self interest groups.

Latinos got amnesty
Gays got gay marriage
Women were yelled at that the GOP is coming to take away their abortions on demand and women parts. A majority fell for it.
Union members were promised the moon and future card check legislation

GOP appealed on a common theme value package that would have worked 20 years ago, Obama did a self interest package.

3) BUSH'S FAULT! A masterful repetition of everything bad is Bush's fault and the media helped along that narrative.

4) The New Normal: The economic numbers are there and Obama should have been beaten like a drum on it but won because he convinced at least half the country that this is the new normal and everything will get better maybe. They brought it.

5) Having Romney as an opponent: Look at the beginning of the year, I thought GOP field was the worst I have seen since Dole won the nomination. Romney won it but Team Obama took the time to in June and July to define Romney to the point of a cartoon character. Romney was not the best candidate to go against Obama but he shocked me with the first debate and then actually putting up a fight but in the end the characterization stuck and too much to overcome in states that he needed.

Tea Party and Social Conservatives: Time to get with the rest of the GOP

Not by changing your positions or compromising. Both groups need to learn how to play the game of politics. Numerous times they allowed themselves to be demonized and were amateurish in fighting back. Sit down and learn how to deal with the demonizers. Don't get sad and go away, get pissed and punch them in the mouth.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obama's second term agenda: Amnesty for illegal immigrants, gun control, more government.

Its irritating that Romney could not pull it off, but no whining because its time to stop the Obama agenda.

1) Amnesty for illegals: Colorado was handed to him by latinos who want amnesty on the table. That is 15 million illegals plus incoming relatives. We can't reward criminal behavior by saying fuck it, come on in free of charge.

2) Gun Control, he now has more flexibilty. Gun Control will be a hot topic because the Dems want it, he wants it and now he doesn't have to care about reelection.

3) Supreme Court Judges: If ROberts hadn't screwed everyone over by allowing Obamacare to be enacted, I would say this is going to be a fight, now its must be a war to stop him somehow putting on 2-3 more liberal hacks that will further piss on American values.

4) EPA regulation: On this I am kinda happy because the fucktards in Ohio and PA that voted for Obama are going to get nailed by these regulations and lose their jobs and frankly I don't care if they do anymore. They deserve it. So if it hits a state that voted for Obama. Whatever.

5)Obamacare: Its going to happen and it will be painful to those of us with jobs and having to pay for everyone elses insurance. The only thing we can do now is run it into the ground. Whatever law in Obamacare you can take advantage of legally,exploit the shit out of it. Drive up the costs and make sure if Obama and the Dems want to run America off a cliff, lets speed up the process.

95% blacks in America say Feds should provide jobs

Terrific. This is the state of Black America and why at every critical economic level blacks are falling behind everyone else. How can you have this mentality and expect success if you are waiting for someone to hand you something?

Providing an 11th hour clue to how blacks will vote on the presidential stage, 95 percent of African Americans believe that the federal government should be the nation's jobs creator, according to a last-minute battleground poll.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People released their poll on Election Day to show that jobs, and blacks' preference for a "national jobs program," is the number one issue. Next, but way down the list of importance, was education at 23 percent and health care at 22 percent.

The poll of 1,600 African Americans who have already voted or said they were certain to vote did not indicate a winner in the President Obama-Mitt Romney race, but Romney has championed tax cuts and the expansion of small business job creation while the president is eager for government stimulus spending to create new jobs.

GOP: Time to get ready for the 2014 midterms

1) Conservative candidates who are not mind blowing dumbasses like Todd Akins. Who can articulate conservative positions and making sure they can handle the media unlike TODD AKINS.. Honestly Todd Akins should be the poster child on how to destroy an easy pickup.

2) No moderate candidates, see Scott Brown. The dumbass went liberal moving away from the tea party and got smoked by a lying fake indian school smarm in Warren. You can't out lib a liberal. Don't try.

3)National GOP party needs to take over California, Illinois and New York state parties. Their ineptness is killing us. Let them run candidates that fit that area but still can stand out from the Dems.

4) Can we please starting tearing down the mainstream media? They are not your friends, they will never invite you to their parties. Stop sucking up. This dovetails into conservatives in general hurting the MSM.

5) Fix the primaries and stop making Dems screw around with them. Alan Grayson and other Dems did it to make sure they got the weakest opponent to run against them and win. They even ran ads to help the weak one to get ahead.

6) Reinvent the party and still keep your principles intact. The worst you can do is try to be more liberal. It has been tried and failed miserably time and time again. What you have to do is learn to package conservative ideals into a sellable item.

That also means putting Obama and the Dems on the defensive on everything. Point out the rising costs behind Obamacare when it starts in earnest in 2013, keep showing the failures of the stimulus.

Seriously Black people? Jesse Jackson Jr. Wins Reelection From Mayo Clinic

Unreal. Once again voting based on color and not character.
Jesse Jackson Jr. won re-election to Illinois' 2nd Congressional district by a landslide Tuesday night, beating his two opponents, Marcus Lewis and Brian Woodwoorth.

As of 8:30 p.m., Jackson had captured 71 percent of the vote with 52 percent of precincts reporting.

Jackson is not celebrating his victory in a swanky Chicago hotel room, or back stage at McCormick place with President Barack Obama watching the returns come in on the national race. He's reportedly spending the night at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.


Monday, November 5, 2012

America will be even more divided if Obama wins.

You think after 4 years of divide and conquer, playing votes for the different interest groups that make up the Dem party that if he wins tomorrow, all will be forgiven? Hell no.

The polarization will be worse and this time I think everyone eyes have been open not only to the Dems, but Obama himself is not hope and change but smear and fear.

The one good thing out of this election is that finally that hope and change crap has been destroyed. Its us vs them.

Wonderful! Obamacare Spurs a Shift to Part-Time Workers

I love it. Why? All those idiots who wanted Obamacare will probably be damaged by this move and frankly I am moving into a new method of thinking. Those who voted for Obama and the Dems and get hurt by his policies? Good. You deserved it.

Several restaurants, hotels and retailers have started or are preparing to limit schedules of hourly workers to below 30 hours a week. That is the threshold at which large employers in 2014 would have to offer workers a minimum level of insurance or pay a penalty starting at $2,000 for each worker.

The shift is one of the first significant steps by employers to avoid requirements under the health-care law, and whether the trend continues hinges on Tuesday's election results. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has pledged to overturn the Affordable Care Act, although he would face obstacles doing so.

President Barack Obama is set to push ahead with implementing the 2010 law if he is re-elected.

Pillar Hotels & Resorts this summer began to focus more on hiring part-time workers among its 5,500 employees, after the Supreme Court upheld the health-care overhaul, said Chief Executive Chris Russell. The company has 210 franchise hotels, under the Sheraton, Fairfield Inns, Hampton Inns and Holiday Inns brands.

"The tendency is to say, 'Let me fill this position with a 40-hour-a-week employee.' "Mr. Russell said. "I think we have to think differently."

New York Magazine Cover on Sandy is garbage and insulting

Oh no, Lower Manhattan has no power! THE HORROR. How about showing a cover of true destruction the hurricane and flooding did in Staten Island instead of the faux concern of the lower Manhattan without power for a couple of days.

Monday Prediction: Obama wins by small margin

People go back to the midterm turnout but turnout in a presidential race is much different and a lot of people like their free crap they are getting from Obama. GOP fever seems to be high but it will come out to the GOTV of the party.

I like the fact unlike McCain, Romney has put on one of the best GOP runs I have seen since forever. But hopefully OBama early voting has taken out his most feverent supporters and election day is ours.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shocker: People in poor areas less likely to get CPR

Maybe because even though there are free classes everywhere people in poor areas are less interested in getting training. My experience is if someone needs CPR in a poor area in public they are most likely to get robbed as they lie dying.

Minorities who suffer heart attacks in poor neighborhoods are not nearly as likely to receive proper CPR compared to if they were to suffer from cardiac arrest in affluent white neighborhoods.

A recent study from a group of medical researchers found that blacks and Hispanics are about 30 percent less likely to be aided by CPR than white people, with the odds being the worst when it involves a black victim in a low-income black

Wachowskis Cloud Atlas bombs out at box office.

The matrix is their last best movie, ever since then its just been wasting other peoples money.

(Video) People chanted Obama gas in Crown Heights with free gas.

The takers are out in force. Everything should be free!
Word spread early Saturday morning that an impromptu refueling station would be staged in Central Brooklyn to help desperate drivers and commuters. However, frustrations arose when authorities stopped refueling civilians to prioritize needs of first responders.

After two fuel trucks, led by police escort and protected by military command, parked at the corner of Bedford Avenue and Union Street in front of the Crown Heights community's armory facility, long lines swelled with hundreds of cars and also people on foot with gas canisters.

The free gas was made possible by FEMA causing people in the crowd to laugh as a few chanted, "Obama gas! Obama gas!"

A woman named Denise Lewis was frustrated because she waited for an hour then was turned away with her canister before officials apparently reversed their decision.

"They said they weren’t given out to canisters, they were giving out to cars." Lewis, was on the opposite corner once a new line designated for canisters formed with about 400 people. "That guy better figure out how to fill up my tank. They didn’t say it was cars, they said it was free gas."

Video of people whining its taking too long for free gas.

(AP) Lights in lower Manhattan, misery in outer regions

Glorious! Why? This is yet another example of the Animal farm effect as the little people outside of Manhattan realize they mean nothing.
NEW YORK (AP) - The lights were back on Saturday in lower Manhattan, prompting screams of sweet relief from residents who had been plunged into darkness for nearly five days by Superstorm Sandy. But that joy contrasted with deepening resentment in the city's outer boroughs and suburbs over a continued lack of power and maddening gas shortages.

Adding to the misery of those without power, heat or gasoline were dipping temperatures. Mayor Michael Bloomberg urged older residents without heat to move to shelters and said 25,000 blankets were being distributed across the city.

"We're New Yorkers, and we're going to get through it," the mayor said. "But I don't want anyone to think we're out of the woods."

Bloomberg also said that resolving gas shortages could take days. Lines snaked around gas stations for many blocks all over the stricken region, including northern New Jersey, where Gov. Chris Christie imposed rationing that recalled the worst days of fuel shortages of the 1970s.

I don't care about their plight beacause come election time they will still vote for the same party and politicians. They don't learn and I can't muster up the care.