Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler to ban gun shows in the future?

Interesting little nugget in this article by local far left writer Michael Mayo on the local Gun Show held at the War Memorial every year.
This was my first trip to the gun show, and I was taken aback by the outdoor sales. I invited Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler to join me Saturday, but he declined. He said he hasn't been to the show since he's been mayor.

"I have no trepidations at all about having the gun show on city property," Seiler told me. "They have a contract for this year and we're not going to breach a contract. But we'll be revisiting these contracts in the future to see whether it's an appropriate venue."

Along with a new Broward sheriff Scott Israel looking to ban guns from citizens,
Could you prevent a mass shooting? "If a person has made up his mind to commit mass violence, there are times where unfortunately, tragedies are going to happen. I'm a proponent of gun control, by urging elected officials to support robust gun control measures, keep assault rifles out of our state, out of the county. Make them illegal. People should have the right to have handguns in their homes. If you're licensed, you can carry a concealed weapon."

and a recent roundtable "discussion" with only Democrats discussing ways to ban people from getting guns, I would urge everyone to keep an eye on Broward County.

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