Thursday, January 10, 2013

NBC's parenthood show celebrates killing unborn baby in abortion episode.

They even managed to fully show the liberal woman view of abortion by being the selfish ammoral this unborn baby needs to be killed because its all about me now attitude.
The hourlong NBC drama that aired Tuesday night featured teenage girl Amy (Skyler Day) aborting her fetus at a pristine Planned Parenthood clinic while boyfriend Drew (Miles Heizer) sat nervously in a waiting room.

While liberal publications such as and Huffington Post largely praised the episode for its bravery and realism in tackling a touchy subject during primetime, right-leaning outlets had a much different take.

“Yet another very special episode where TV characters promote predictably liberal positions,” said Dan Gainor, who runs the Culture and Media Institute, which, like the better-known Parents Television Council, was founded by Brent Bozell.

In the episode, Amy wants the abortion, but Drew does not. He’s supportive, but she is emotionally separating herself from him, and the only help she wants from him is money to pay for the procedure.

“If I have this baby, my life is over,” Amy tells Drew.

“It doesn’t have to be over,” he responds. “We could start a life. I can go to college. I can get a job. There are plenty of people who can help us.”

Later, Drew tells a friend, “I don’t want to give it up, but I’m trying to respect how she feels.”

There are several destructive messages in the episode, from a conservative, pro-life perspective.

“We get another pro-abortion piece where even the young father, who wants to keep the baby, never refers to the child as anything other than ‘it.' The friendly, antiseptic Planned Parenthood office gets a co-starring role minus all the controversies that plague its baby-killing operation in real life," Gainor said.

“There’s no discussion of life, of faith or any of the true arguments not to take the innocent baby’s life,” he continued. “All in all, exactly how Hollywood has twisted every major national issue for decades.”

What courage. They both screw up and she gets pregnant so lets just go kill the baby because she is a selfish delusional bitch. Great storyline.

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