Thursday, January 10, 2013

Soledad O'Brien feigns ignorance over UK's Guardian Pedo Piece

and attacks Rush Limbaugh for pointing out this is how the left seeks to normalize what society consideres vile behavior. He points out that the concept of gay marriage started the same way.

So after Christine Romans, the business reporterette, does that set-up, then we had a discussion with Soledad O'Brien. She had the Obama campaign traveling press secretary Jen Psaki, a New Yorker magazine correspondent, Ryan Lizza, to talk about this.

PSAKI: Why is he talking about pedophilia? It’s not exactly like there’s a massive movement talking about pedophilia.

O'BRIEN: Or normalizing pedophilia.

PSAKI: Right. Exactly.

LIZZA: Yeah, it seems to me that the movement here is to equate pedophilia in some way...

O'BRIEN: With gay marriage.

LIZZA:...with gay marriage.

PSAKI: Right, or...

LIZZA: That's what he's up to here...

O'BRIEN: Right.

LIZZA: ...which is absurd.

O'BRIEN: We’re trying to understand the mind of Rush Limbaugh this morning (laughs) which is a...

PSAKI: A hard thing to break into.

O'BRIEN: Scary proposition.

RUSH: Well, it's not that hard to figure out, you guys. The Politico, by the way, also had a piece that ragged on me for comparing the increasing acceptance of pedophilia. Listen, it's not my fault. The UK Guardian is one of these people's favorite newspapers. It's a left-wing publication in the UK. They're the ones that did the story on the normalization of pedophilia. They're the ones that went out found academics to say that it's just another sexual orientation. They are the ones that did the story on how it can actually be helpful for children. I just told you about it.

As much as I think O'Brien is an idiot, she can't be that much of an idiot to not get what Rush meant and just seeked to stop the publicity over the vile article.

It won't work because its a perfect example of how the left works to normalize concepts into the mainstream.

BTW, The UK Guardian may have a small readership but is highly respected among the left in the UK and is basically a cheat sheet for the BBC News.

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