Saturday, May 18, 2013

(Video) Paris Cannon is the girl who fractured Aria Jewett skull in fight.

For some reason when this story hit the nation, the psycho attacker name was never told and her picture was not shown.

A judge has banned a 14-year-old girl from attending every school in an entire county after she filmed herself beating up a fellow pupil.

The teenager, who has not been named, left her victim with a fractured skull after the brutal assault in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Oceanway Middle School pupil was charged with aggravated assault and given a blanket school ban by Florida circuit Judge Henry Davis.

But this being Florida, this nutjob girl was allowed back into the school system even though there have been previous attacks by her on other students.
Now, after the attacker's arrest and one successful attempt to get her banned from all Duval County public schools, a judge has put a temporary halt on the ban. The girl seen in cell-phone video pinning Jewett to the ground and beating her mercilessly, is back in class, just not at Oceanway Middle.

Action News obtained the following statement from the suspect's attorney, Bryan Gowdy: "The Duval County Public School system has determined that it can provide a safe and secure enviroment for the child to continue her studies, and she is now back at school."

"I don't think we should use the bad decisions children make outside of school as an example or a scapegoat to make a message," Dr. Nikolai Vitti told CBS News.

Vitti said he believed Jewett's attacker deserves another chance and that she too was entitled to a public education. He's taking a lot of heat for that comment, with viewers saying, "Two people need to be punished over this. The bully and the school superintendent."

Finally a video on MSN points out her name and her picture. If you have a child in the Duval County Public School System, make sure your kid is not in danger by being around Paris Cannon.

VIDEO HERE: Student fractures girl's skull, allowed back in school

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