Saturday, January 26, 2013

MLB investigating South Florida in PED war

Judging by the Marlins performance, no one on the team knows about the pain clinics.
Major League Baseball is investigating multiple wellness clinics in South Florida, as well as individuals with potential ties to players, armed with the belief that the region stretching 50 miles south from Boca Raton to Miami is "ground zero" for performance-enhancing drugs still filtering into the game.

"Outside the Lines" has learned that MLB security officials have spent considerable time in South Florida since last summer, monitoring clinics believed to be linked to the sale of human growth hormone and testosterone to players. MLB officials hope law enforcement will subpoena clinic records to determine whether players received illegal and banned substances.

Kansas considers a new red card for food stamps

and its considered to be a way to stigmatize and make food stamps users embarrassed and I say good. You should be embarrassed to be on food stamps.
Kansas officials are considering replacing the current benefits card for residents who get food stamps with a bright red one.

The current Vision cards have an artistic impression of a sunflower, while a prototype of the new card is red with the “Kansas Benefits Card” label.

The Kansas Department of Children and Families said the card would be replaced because the agency has a new vendor. However, Tawny Stottlemire of the Kansas Association of County Action Programs said the proposed redesign could return Kansas to an era when public assistance recipients were unnecessarily stigmatized.

The Vision cards were introduced in the 1990s to allow food stamp recipients to use a plastic card to buy food at stores and for people who get temporary cash assistance.

Brawl Erupts At East St. Louis Food Stamp Office

10 bucks says its all about some baby mama drama between ghetto girls.
A dispute over a spot in line at a food stamp office downstate escalated into a full-fledged brawl.

The fight on Tuesday was captured on video and shows at least four women wrestling and punching each other.

At one point, the video shows two women grabbing each other while a third punches one of them on the back of the head. At another point, a woman walks across the office and punches another person in the face.

California officials proud of radio ads gained 289,000 food stamps users

This is what is considered a success, adding more welfare users for taxpayers to pay for forever.
The radio commercials are hard to miss, a boy and his father making dinner and talking about the benefits of Calfresh, the state-administered food stamps program.

While state budget problems have forced cutbacks in many social programs, state officials have actually launched a radio advertising blitz to get more people to sign up with Calfresh, because the program is federally funded.

The state spent $832,000 last year on advertising the program on radio in hopes of increasing the number of people signed up.

The commercials are credited with helping the state add 289,000 to the rolls of those getting food stamps.