Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dumbass Students See Many Slights as Racial ‘Microaggressions’ - NYTIMES

There are certain words someone will use in a sincere manner that instantly makes me detest your existence working this planet sucking up valuable air. Microaggressions is one of those words. If you use as an instant grievance bitch session, you are what is wrong with this world.

What is less clear is how much is truly aggressive and how much is pretty micro — whether the issues raised are a useful way of bringing to light often elusive slights in a world where overt prejudice is seldom tolerated, or a new form of divisive hypersensitivity, in which casual remarks are blown out of proportion.

The word itself is not new — it was first used by Dr. Chester M. Pierce, a professor of education and psychiatry at Harvard University, in the 1970s. Until recently it was considered academic talk for race theorists and sociologists.

The recent surge in popularity for the term can be attributed, in part, to an academic article Derald W. Sue, a psychology professor at Columbia University, published in 2007 in which he broke down microaggressions into microassaults, microinsults and microinvalidations. Dr. Sue, who has literally written the book on the subject, called “Microaggressions in Everyday Life: Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation,” attributed the increased use of the term to the rapidly changing demographics in which minorities are expected to outnumber whites in the United States by 2042. “As more and more of us are around, we talk to each other and we know we’re not crazy,” Dr. Sue said. Once, he said, minorities kept silent about perceived slights. “I feel like people of color are less inclined to do that now,” he said.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

ABC family bows down to CAIR and Muslim groups, pulls Alice in Arabia.

Hollywood Reporter:

ABC Family is not moving forward with its drama pilot Alice in Arabia.

The recently ordered pilot came under fire from Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization Council on American-Islamic Relations and after Buzzfeed reported Friday it had obtained a script for the show, which is "about an American teenage girl kidnapped by her extended royal Saudi Arabian family and forced to live with them."

CAIR said earlier this week that it had asked ABC Family to meet with leaders in the Muslim community to discuss "concerns about potential stereotyping in the pilot," and on Friday evening the network said it had nixed the pilot.

“The current conversation surrounding our pilot was not what we had envisioned and is certainly not conducive to the creative process, so we’ve decided not to move forward with this project," an ABC Family spokesperson said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

Following ABC family's decision, CAIR expressed happiness in a statement issued early Saturday. "We welcome ABC Family channel's decision to respond to community concerns by canceling plans for a program that had the potential to promote ethnic and religious stereotyping," said CAIR executive director Hussam Ayloush. "We thank all those who voiced their concerns on this issue," citing the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and the Muslim Public Affairs Council as playing integral roles.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Teachers Union in Michigan discriminates against Christians in new contract.


The teachers union contract in Ferndale Public Schools in Oakland County gives "special consideration" to applicants who are of "the non-Christian faith."

Michigan's Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination in employment and public services on the basis of religion. The state constitution says it, "shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting." And the Federal Civil Rights Act prohibits employment discrimination based on religion.

Principal who told kids not to speak Spanish will lose job at Hempstead Middle School

Not a very good example of Hispanics trying to assimilate into America but have a parallel society while calling people racist.

The Hempstead school board won't renew the contract of a principal who instructed her students not to speak Spanish, in a rapidly-evolving district where more than half of the students, like many Texas schools, are now Hispanic.

Hempstead Middle School Principal Amy Lacey was placed on paid administrative leave in December after reportedly announcing, via intercom, that students were not to speak Spanish on the school's campus. The Hispanic population of the rural area, roughly 50 miles northwest of Houston, is growing quickly, and Latino advocates say that it's important to allow Spanish in public schools.

"When you start banning aspects of ethnicity or cultural identity," says Augustin Pinedo, director of the League of United Latin American Citizens Region 18, "it sends the message that the child is not wanted: 'We don't want your color. We don't want your kind.' They then tend to drop out early."

Such fast growth is pervasive in Texas, says Steve Murdock, a professor at Rice University and director of the Hobby Center for the Study of Texas. Half of all Texas public-school students are now Hispanic, he notes. "When you look at issues related to education in Texas, to a great extent, you're looking at the education of Hispanic children."

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sprint wants to buy T-Mobile. Tell them go to hell.

T-Mobile is finally acting up and causing price competition with AT&T and Verizon. Sprint has just kept on continuing sucking like it always has for years.

Sprint chairman Masayoshi Son tipped his company's interest in purchasing T-Mobile today, saying the deal would help the pair better take on larger rivals Verizon and AT&T. In a new interview with Charlie Rose, Son didn't say a deal had been struck, but confirmed Sprint's intent on buying T-Mobile, a deal he says would create a "massive price war" among mobile carriers if approved by regulators. "I would like to have the real fight, OK? Not the pseudo fight, the real fight," Son told Rose according to the Wall Street Journal.

Over-hyped liberal Black Twitter gets praised by AP.

Heaven help if its a black conservative, then you will see the most racist shit this side of a Klan rally towards that person from "Black Twitter."

Al Sharpton exploits to challenge Stand your Ground laws in Florida.... again...

The two cases they use in Martin and Dunn, SYG wasn't even used. Basically using two dead teens to push a get out your vote for whatever Democrat in November movement.

Parents of two black teenagers whose killings sparked heated criticism of Florida's "stand your ground" law marched on the state Capitol on Monday, warning legislators of a political backlash unless they reform the statue.

"Florida is failing us," said Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin, whose fatal shooting in 2012 led to the murder trial and subsequent acquittal of former neighborhood watch patrol guard George Zimmerman.

"Stand your ground will not stand," Fulton said. "This law is wrong. Stand your ground is absolutely, positively wrong."

Fulton spoke after Reverend Al Sharpton led a mostly black crowd of protesters on a short march to the steps of the Capitol, where the Republican-dominated legislature began its annual session last week.

A bill to repeal the 2005 self-defense law, which allows Floridians to use deadly force when they think their lives are in danger, was rejected late last year by a House committee. But a bill tightening some applications of the legal defense is still pending in the Senate.

Obama to appear on Zach Galifianakis's “Between Two Ferns" internet show.

Good to see the office of the Presidency lowered to this garbage.

In “Between Two Ferns,” an off-color online parody of celebrity interview shows, the comedian Zach Galifianakis has spanked Justin Bieber with his belt, discussed Charlize Theron’s thighs and asked Natalie Portman for her phone number.

On Tuesday, Mr. Galifianakis will welcome President Obama to the comedy show that he has turned into an Internet cult favorite by making his guests feel awkward and uncomfortable.

The interview with the president, which was recorded two weeks ago, is to debut online at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday. The show’s creators at the website, Funny or Die, are keeping its contents secret until then. White House aides who have seen the six-and-a-half-minute conversation with Mr. Obama say it is in keeping with the show’s spirit.

If so, the pop-culture appearance is the latest public relations gamble that Mr. Obama and his aides have taken in their pursuit of new ways to deliver their message to the connected-but-distracted generation. “Between Two Ferns,” which satirizes the low-budget look of public access television, much as “Wayne’s World” did, has had episodes that have been viewed as many as 30 million times, often because of their outrageous content.

China sends officials to help search of missing MH370 plane.

China very unhappy with Malaysia.

China has dispatched a delegation to Malaysia amid mounting frustration here on how authorities there are handling the investigation of a missing airliner that had 239 people aboard, including 153 Chinese citizens.

China’s Foreign Ministry said the delegation was scheduled to arrive in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, late Monday and begin work immediately on the fate of MH370, which has been missing and presumed crashed since early Saturday.

The group “will urge the Malaysian side to intensify search and rescue efforts, to find out the fact of the incident as soon as possible, to timely release the accurate information and to well serve the family members of the passengers to Malaysia at the same time,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Friends and relatives of Chinese passengers on the flight have lashed out at Malaysian officials for failing to keep them informed and helping some of them obtain passports and visas so they can fly to Kuala Lumpur.

Read more here:

Monday, March 10, 2014

LATIMES - Obama's DHS tells border patrol not to defend themselves at the border against anything

Why bother having a border patrol? The illegal immigrant contingent loves the new rules.

The U.S. Border Patrol has restricted border agents' authority to shoot at moving vehicles or at people throwing rocks, changing a controversial policy that has contributed to at least 19 deaths since 2010.

In a memo released Friday, Border Patrol Chief Michael Fisher directed border agents not to step in front of moving vehicles, nor to use their bodies to block them, in order to open fire at drivers. He also barred shooting at vehicles whose occupants are fleeing from agents.

A deadly threat, which would justify use of force, does not "include a moving vehicle merely fleeing from agents," the new rule states.

Fisher also ordered agents to seek cover or move away from rock throwers if possible and not to shoot at them unless a rock or other object poses an imminent danger of death or serious injury.

The new policy "seems to be a response to political pressure from special interests," Shawn P. Moran, vice president of the Border Patrol agents' union, said in a telephone interview.

Customs and Border Protection is revising its Use of Force Policy Handbook, last updated in October 2010. Authorities must negotiate changes with the Border Patrol union and other labor groups that represent the federal force before the handbook can be used to train agents, however.
"We will oppose any restriction on the ability of agents to use force," Moran said.

In Friday's memo, Fisher said border agents "make split-second decisions in circumstances that are tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving," and they often face extreme danger.

Agents have reported more than 6,000 assaults since 2007, Fisher said, and three agents have been killed in that time. Since 2010, he said, agents "have been assaulted with rocks" 1,713 times, and agents responded with deadly force 43 times, killing 10 people.

In a conference call with reporters, Fisher said he had instructed supervisors to make Tasers, pepper spray and pellet guns available to give agents alternatives to lethal weapons. He also said agents would use spike strips to stop vehicles.

Use of Public Transit in U.S. Reaches Highest Level Since 1956

Good, less people on the road when I am driving my car. I took public transport for 7 years in South Florida. Never again. Public transport is basically filled with crazy motherf'ers you don't want to know actually exist.

More Americans used buses, trains and subways in 2013 than in any year since 1956 as service improved, local economies grew and travelers increasingly sought alternatives to the automobile for trips within metropolitan areas, the American Public Transportation Association said in a report released on Monday.

The trade group said in its annual report that 10.65 billion passenger trips were taken on transit systems during the year, surpassing the post-1950s peak of 10.59 million in 2008, when gas prices rose to $4 to $5 a gallon.

Hackers claim bankrupt Mt. Gox still has customers' bitcoins

I wouldn't be surprised considering so far since you can track bitcoin transactions no one has tried to spend it yet even in small amounts.

Tokyo-based Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox lost $400 million worth of bitcoins in February. Its management said the amount was stolen after hackers exploited a transaction bug to divert the funds, but some of Mt. Gox's users are not so sure, suggesting instead that the exchange's owners pocketed the cash. Now, facing silence from those owners about the fate of the money and the methods by which 6 percent of all of the Bitcoin in the world could have been stolen, a group of hackers claims it has broken into the bankrupted Bitcoin exchange's network to get answers.

Forbes reports that the group gained access to the personal blog and Reddit account of Mark Karpeles, Mt. Gox's CEO. The hackers used the platforms to post a message that claimed Karpeles still had access to some of the bitcoins that he'd reported stolen. In support of the claim, they uploaded a series of files that included a spreadsheet of more than a million trades, Karpeles' home addresses, and a screenshot purportedly confirming the hackers' access to the data.

Nigerians Ask Why Oil Funds Are Missing as Decades of corruption wasn't a freaking clue.

Nigeria from its oil deposits should have been under a good government miles ahead of every other country in Africa, basically the black version of Dubai, but instead decades of corruption has moved the money into the hands of the elites.

Even in a country where untold oil wealth disappears into the pockets of the elite, the oil corruption scheme he was investigating seemed outsize — and he threatened to lay it bare at a meeting with Nigeria’s top bankers.

The rabble-rouser was none other than the governor of the country’s central bank. Weeks later, however, he was out, fired by Nigeria’s president in an episode that has shaken the Nigerian economy, filled newspapers and airwaves here, and even inspired a rare street demonstration.

The bankers were going to have to open their books, the governor, Lamido Sanusi, warned them at the recent meeting. He wanted to see where the money was going — $20 billion from oil sales that, mysteriously, was not making its way to the treasury, in a country that could soon be declared Africa’s biggest economy and already attracts the most direct foreign investment on the continent, according to the United Nations.

But his suspicions were cutting too close, Mr. Sanusi said — too close to an oil-politics nexus that both feeds the political establishment in Nigeria, in his view and that of analysts, and deprives the country of vital revenue.

NYTIMES - Hedge Funder shorts Herbalife stock for $1 Billion, then lobbies government to destroy it.

Of course its shady but it also brings out what money grubbing whores certain minority group representatives are when handed loads of cash.

At a Midtown Manhattan steakhouse last June, William A. Ackman, the activist hedge fund manager who had bet a billion dollars on the collapse of the nutritional supplement company Herbalife, offered his latest evidence to a handful of other hedge fund managers about why the company’s stock could soon plummet.

Mr. Ackman told his dinner companions that Representative Linda T. Sánchez, Democrat of California, had sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission the previous day calling for an investigation of the company.

The commission had not yet stamped the letter as received, nor had it been made public. But Mr. Ackman, who had personally lobbied Ms. Sánchez and stood to profit if the company’s stock dropped as a result of the call for an inquiry, already knew what it said, and read from a copy of it that he had on his cellphone.

To pressure state and federal regulators to investigate Herbalife, an act that alone could cause its stock to dive, his team has helped organize protests, news conferences and letter-writing campaigns in California, Nevada, Connecticut, New York and Illinois, although several of the people who signed the letters to state and federal officials say they do not remember sending them, an investigation by The New York Times has found.

His team has also paid civil rights organizations at least $130,000 to join his effort by helping him collect the names of people who claimed they were victimized by Herbalife in order to send the leads to regulators, the investigation found. Mr. Ackman’s team also provided the money used by some of these individuals to travel to Washington to participate in a rally against Herbalife last month.

Harvey L. Pitt, a former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, said that Mr. Ackman’s campaign was starting “to look like an effort to move the price rather than spread the truth.”

“If you are trying to spread the truth, that is O.K.,” Mr. Pitt said. “If you are trying to move the price of a stock to vindicate your investment philosophy, that’s not O.K.”

Mr. Ackman rejected the assertions that he had done anything wrong.

“Our goal here is to shine a spotlight on Herbalife and let the government know all the facts and motivate them to do something,” Mr. Ackman said in an interview on Sunday.

So far, Mr. Ackman has little to show for his efforts. Herbalife’s stock has climbed higher, in part because the billionaire investor Carl C. Icahn decided to buy a large stake in the company, and the regulators lobbied by Mr. Ackman have not taken any formal action against the company.

Jeremy Paxman claims modern society is too 'self obsessed' to Fight a World War Three.

He is correct. The Millennial generation if transported back to the start of the Blitz would have surrendered on a couple of days in praising Germany.

The First World War would not be fought today, according to Jeremy Paxman, because the younger generation are more concerned with their iPhones than any sense of ‘duty’.

The BBC Newsnight host and historian said modern society is too ‘self-obsessed’ and ‘hedonistic’.
Speaking at a literature festival in Dubai, he said the idea of ‘duty’ had now diminished in favour of ‘personal freedom’, adding: ‘What would [the younger] generation fight for? The right to use your iPhone? What are the great noble causes?’

Merkel raps Putin over Crimea, Putin still takes over Crimea.

Putin is so scared now by Merkel's words.

Germany's Angela Merkel delivered a rebuke to President Vladimir Putin on Sunday, telling him that a planned Moscow-backed referendum on whether Crimea should join Russia was illegal and violated Ukraine's constitution.

Putin defended breakaway moves by pro-Russian leaders in Crimea, where Russian forces tightened their grip on the Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula by seizing another border post and a military airfield.

As thousands staged rival rallies in Crimea, street violence flared in Sevastopol, when pro-Russian activists and Cossacks attacked a group of Ukrainians.

Russian forces' seizure of the region has been bloodless but tensions are mounting following the decision by pro-Russian groups there to make Crimea part of Russia.

Here is Putin's Response,

Somalians involved in mass brawl at L.A Fitness in Minnesota.

When a gym is known to the police as a nuisance place, its time for members to start leaving in a hurry. Videos at the links.

Is this the most dangerous commercial gym in America?

Police were called to the LA Fitness in Roseville, Minnesota, last Sunday after a fight broke out in the facility involving 10-15 people, WCCO reports. Three separate videos were uploaded to YouTube showing some of the incident, including one that shows several people handcuffed on the ground.
WCCO says the fight began over an argument in a basketball game at the gym. But this is just one of multiple dangerous incidents at the gym. WCCO says Roseville police responded to 147 incidents at the gym in 2013 and have already had 24 incidents there this year.
People were supposedly throwing weights during the fight, though that part was not captured on video. You can see the videos below. One person can be seen grabbing a plate:

Daily Mail:
The three adults, Ali Yusuf Barre, 18, of Minneapolis; Abdirashid Yasin Duad, 18, of Minneapolis; and Mohamed Awil Suleiman, 20, of Burnsville, have been charged with disorderly conduct and participation in a riot.

One of them was taken to the local medical center for a concussion, but he was released. No one else was hurt.

The gym has been plagued with crime in recent years. Roseville police responded to 147 incidents there in 2013 and have already gone to 24 incidents this year.
Police are frustrated with that LA Fitness as their requests to put in security cameras or have guards on site have all been denied.
'They don’t want to take any proactive measures to prevent theft in the parking lot or inside,' Rosand said. 'I just hope they step up like any business in the community.'

NYC renters hope Comrade De Blasio freezes their rent because landlords have no costs to cover.

This city has become the land of the entitled and needy twits more than ever since Comrade De Blasio was elected.

For years, tenants have complained that the city board that sets rents for about one million New York apartments has favored landlords.

Now those tenants are counting on the new mayor to make good on a campaign promise: the board’s first rent freeze. As mayor, Bill de Blasio appoints the nine members of the Rent Guidelines Board, which decides each year how much regulated rents will increase.

With rent laws in the hands of the governor and the state legislators, the rent board is one of the few levers the mayor has to directly influence the rental market in the city. It is a priority for Mr. de Blasio, who has made housing a centerpiece of his effort to ease the economic strains facing so many poor and working-class New Yorkers.

The Rent Guidelines Board, established in 1969, has never forgone a rent increase. Last year, it allowed increases of up to 4 percent for one-year lease renewals and up to 7.75 percent for two-year leases.

But the board manages to make no one happy. Landlords complain that rent increases cover less than half of the actual cost of operating their units, which includes property taxes, utilities, labor and insurance.

Jack Freund, executive vice president of the Rent Stabilization Association, a landlord trade group, said landlords were hopeful that Mr. de Blasio did not mean what he has said.

“We hope it was campaign rhetoric,” he said. “I’d expect him to appoint people who are knowledgeable and, if they are knowledgeable, I don’t think you’d get a zero-rent guideline.”

California Beats U.S. in Millionaires and Food-Stamp Users

and everyone in the middle will be moving out. It will become a perfect little serfdom.

California Governor Jerry Brown, who decries a widening gulf between rich and poor, is campaigning for a fourth and final term presiding over a state that’s outpacing the U.S. in producing both millionaires and food-stamp recipients.

The number of households with more than $1 million in assets gained 3.6 percent since the Democrat took office in 2011, compared with 3.5 percent nationally, according to Phoenix Marketing International’s Global Wealth Monitor. Food-stamp use rose 18.2 percent in the period, almost twice the nation’s 9.4 percent, U.S. Agriculture Department data show.